Death of Archie Andrews ?

So.  After Betty, Veronica and Archie performing all kinds of public debauchery for the last 70 years :)
Archie Andrews is going to bite the dust July 2014!  

What?!?!  Was the first response that came from me hearing this news.  I never read an Archie comic since I was a little kid but apparently it has gone in a completely different direction....Even though he apparently dies with honorable intent, sacrificing himself to save another.  I would have never though the series would kill its main character after all this time.

The series has taken some interesting turns over the years with Afterlife with Archie comics.  With Archie just chilling in a world with Zombies.

In 1994's The Punisher Meets Archie, writer Batton Lash and artists John Buscema and Stan Goldberg smartly juxtaposed the two distinct and contradictory storytelling approaches that they'd been lent to play with. In pairing the traumatized and bloody-handed Frank Castle with the gauchely well-meaning Archie Andrews, they did more than just offer the fannish thrills of an unexpected crossover. Retaining both Archie's nostalgic whimsy and The Punisher's grim vigilante despair, they unpretentiously evoked themes of American innocence and corruption. In doing so, they delivered a tale that enhanced rather than undermined the integrity of two quite separate characters and two seemingly incompatible narrative traditions. Sadly, Aguirre-Sacasa and Francavilla's sincerely-meant homage smooths out most of the incongruities between their thesis and antithesis. The result reflects nothing of the strengths of either Archie Comics or the zombie tale. Instead, the respectful timidity that characterizes Afterlife With Archie Comics diminishes both of the traditions that it calls upon.

Anyways.  I really am curious what people think about this one.  Its definitely unprecedented in the comic book world.