Transformers 4

Now I wasn't really a fan of the previous Transformer Movies but I watched this trailer..........

Now that that trailer is over with........
Officially interested.

So we have an automobile mechanic(Mark Wahlberg) and his daughter(Nicola Peltz), who make a discovery that brings down the Autobots and Decepticons - and a paranoid government official - on them.

Looking at this trailer it looks like it starts with Optimus taking out humans.  So maybe the pansy Transformers I've become accustom to are a thing of the past and this movie is going to get good?

The statement “A new era has begun: the age of the Transformers is over.” Is a good start.  

The film is set for release on June 27, 2014, in IMAX and 3D.

This might be an IMAX classic. The 7.1 DTS Audio Blu-ray should be nice too!