Yamaha YSP2200 Sound Projector

So one more time with the small places and limited living space available in many circumstances. ...
Yamaha has always been a solid developer of quality audio hardware from the beginning.

Here we have a simple space saving solution that is good enough and provides quality audio.
A Video for those of you who can't or don't read :)

The Yamaha YSP2200 sound projector lets you enjoy the effects of a full surround sound system in a sleek, low profile device that fits almost anywhere. It's next-generation 3D compatible, and comes complete with a subwoofer for a full spectrum of sound. Adjustable feet let you raise or lower the projector to fit seamlessly in front or underneath your flat panel television.  And it does look pretty cool.

You cannot dispute the fact that most TVs provide a healthy serving of crap sound quality(to put it lightly). It's just not possible to squeeze sufficiently sized speakers into these skinny screens, and even sets like Sony's KDL-46HX853 with its clever in-stand speakers can't match the majesty of a decent cinema system in full flow. But that doesn't mean you have to clutter up your living room with a full 5.1 system either - soundbars like this one provide a way of upping your audio power with a single discreet unit.

But Yamaha's YSP-2200 isn't your average soundbar. It's a digital sound projector, using technology developed almost a decade ago by Cambridge-based 1-Limited (now Cambridge Mechatronics), which beams sound off the walls to create a more convincing surround sound presence than many soundbars can muster(which does make it a little more pricey).

Design and Connections

The YSP-2200 is a beautifully built unit with a rigid aluminum enclosure that quells detrimental vibrations. It's weighty, with not a single part that feels cheap or flimsy.

We find the YSP-2200 dressed in a sleek black finish, lifted by a hairline texture on the top panel, a glossy trim and curved edges. Lurking behind the black mesh that runs along the entire 435mm width of the unit are 16 drivers that shoot sound beams out into the ether.

Only a few buttons are dotted about on the top panel, keeping everything nice and minimal. You also get an LED display, which comes in handy when configuring the system (although there's an onscreen GUI too).

Its relatively large dimensions mean it's not really designed for wall-mounting but for placement in front of your TV, and with such a slim height it won't obstruct the screen. The bar itself measures 50mm high, but there are removable feet that can be adjusted between 29 and 39mm high, resulting in a total height of between 79mm and 89mm.

The YSP-2200 is the first in this range of sound projectors to be supplied with a compact passive subwoofer, which gives you a choice of horizontal or vertical mounting. The thinking is that you can slide it into your AV rack, or flip it upright and slot it beside the sofa. The living room's your oyster.

For a soundbar there is there's a generous selection with regards to connectivity. It better be for this price. Three 3D-ready HDMI inputs allow you to enjoy games consoles, digital TV receivers and other HD kit through the YSP-2200, while the output's ARC compatibility makes it easy to boost sound quality from a suitably equipped TV.

Three digital audio ports (two optical, one coaxial) and analogue stereo sockets provide further input options, while a composite video output lets you view the onscreen GUI (not available over HDMI).

Completing the line-up is a port for connecting Yamaha's optional peripherals, such as the Yamaha YID-W10 30-Pin iPod Speaker Dock and the Yamaha YDS-12BL iPod Dock -Black wireless iPod/iPhone dock system.


True Surround Sound with Digital Sound Projector Technology

With a built-in 132W digital amplifier that efficiently drives all channels, an aluminum body that dampens vibrations, precision sound tuning and optimum subwoofer matching, the YSP-2200 delivers 7.1-channel surround sound with outstanding clarity and linearity. The design is more elegant and less obtrusive than multiple speaker boxes.

The YSP-2200 applies sophisticated sound projection technology to precisely control the orientation of the sound by focusing it through multiple beams. The center channel sound is heard directly, while sounds from other channels are heard after reflecting off walls. The result is true multi-channel surround sound that sounds just like a multi-speaker system--but without the need for extra speakers.

Versatile listening Modes Including 7.1-Channel Output Capability

The YSP-2200 achieves true surround sound by directing sound beams off the walls to reach the listener from various angles. The main mode is 5 BeamPlus2 for 7-channel sources. In addition, there is a wide variety of other listening modes. You can select 3 BeamPlus2 + Stereo, 5 Beam, Stereo + 3 Beam, 3 Beam, Stereo, and My Surround (custom).
11 CINEMA DSP Programs

Yamaha’s ultra-sophisticated CINEMA DSP technology creates thrillingly realistic soundscapes in any room.HD Audio Format Decoding with 1080p-Compatible HDMI V.1.4a

The YSP-2200 decodes HD Audio signals to ensure that you hear the best possible sound from Blu-ray Disc players, as well as from all other digital sources. The YSP-2200 provides 3 in/1 out HDMI connections with support for 1080p resolution. HDMI V.1.4a is the latest version of the HDMI interface, featuring 3D pass-through. Audio Return Channel lets you hear the TV sound from the YSP-2200 via a single HDMI cable, with no need for an extra optical cable. HDMI also provides the benefits of Deep Color, x.v.Color and Auto Lip-Sync.  Most soundbars will not support true DTS-HD or any of the various formats available but this one does.

When music is encoded into a digitally compressed format like MP3, the frequency response suffers. Yamaha's Music Enhancer Technology restores what was lost, so your music always sounds the way it should. The Music Enhancer restores the original, live sound of your music, especially deep, strong sounds like bass and drums.

IntelliBeam Automated System Calibration

This Yamaha exclusive feature ensures optimum multi-channel sound reproduction with accurate image location. By monitoring and analyzing the sound with the microphone included with the YSP-2200, IntelliBeam automatically sets the best beam angles, while optimizing the level and frequency response of each beam. This makes initial setup both extremely simple and acoustically perfect.

yAired Technology for Wireless Connections

The YSP-2200 makes it easy to enjoy music from your iPod/iPhone (links above midway through review) via a wireless link. You also get outstanding sound quality, because yAired technology transmits uncompressed data so there is no loss of signal data, unlike systems that use Bluetooth technology to send compressed data. In addition, there is no delay time, ensuring that sound and video are always in sync.


So ya, this product appears extremely pricey for a "soundbar" but, I would venture to say that it's worth it.  That is if you have extremely limited space or would like a simple hook up without hooking up and hiding speaker wires....etc.  The three HDMI ins and the optical ports give it some versatility and more than sufficient ports to run all your devices through it.  The technology in this product using the 16 woofers and the subwoofer creates exceptional sound quality for a device of this type and as I stated before, it looks cool.

If you need to save space, want a simple High Quality setup, want to keep your place looking sexy, need a soundbar and you have the cash....Then buy it.......Tis the season after all :)