Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 in a Google commercial?

Now I have a Galaxy Nexus and love it, there are a lot of haters(all of the iPhone
owners) who think they have the best thing since sliced bread but.......

I don’t have a Facebook account but for someone like me (who is quickly becoming more rare)one thing is definitely obvious: Google + is quickly rising as a serious contender in the social networking arena.  Clearly, there is a massive market and there is obvious demand for ease of use.

 Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, in a new Google+ video on Google’s YouTube channel? This minute-long film seems like yet another attempt to plug Google’s social network by demonstrating what Google+ looks like on Android. Whatever….. Anyway, the interesting bit is the mystery device that shows up for a few seconds.

Look at the film between 0.03 and 0.05. Look at the girl’s phone. The headphone jack is at the top, and with the blue color and the position of the rear camera, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S3. Why, though, would Google put Samsung in the video? It’d make more sense to plug its third Nexus smartphone the Galaxy Nexus. Once you’re past 0.05, you’ll notice that the “Samsung Galaxy S3” doesn’t have a physical home button, so it can’t be a S3. After this, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2 barges in and dominates the scene until 0.59.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is there for most of the film, and the girl starts off holding a Samsung Galaxy S3 and finishes up with a Nexus. The Google-branded battery cover is visible, and you’ll also see the teardrop shape and the absence of the headphone jack at the top. At 1.00 a different phone steps in, pebble blue, that looks like a Galaxy Nexus. There’s no home button to speak of, but we d only see the front, so we can’t say what else is different. The on/off and volume keys are swapped around, and so is the camera position. It seems that the film is hinting at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, but Google’s being a bit coy still. This explains the series of images, but not the final phone.  It's definitely social media many people will have use for and love.

Take a look.