Yamaha YHT Home Theater package series

Again with affordable solutions in mind.......

This past April, Yamaha announced five new home theater-in-a-box systems, the YHT-397BL, 497BL, 597BL, 797BL, and 897BL. Now, to fill in the number model gap, Yamaha is announcing its new YHT-697BL.

The Yamaha YHT-697BL incorporates the same home theater receiver (RX-V473 for a review, features and specifications on this reciever click here ) as both the YHT-597 and 797BL. This means that in addition to an abunbance of audio and video features, such as a 5.1 channel configuration with Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, and both 3D and 4K pass-through(for an explaination of this technology click here ), this system also provides network and internet connectivity for access to vTuner Internet Radioand content stored on DLNA compatible devices connected within your home network.
Blue-ray player on top not included

In addition, this system is Apple AirPlay compatible, and can also be used with Yamaha's free AV controller app (iOS version - Android version).

However, what sets this system apart from both the YHT-597 and 797BL is that instead of compact bookself speakers all-around, the YHT-697 uses two slim profile tower speakers (with dual 2-3/4" mid-range/woofers and 1-inch dome tweeter) for the left and right front channels, and a more compact 100-watt 6.5-inch powered subwoofer instead of the 8-inch subwoofer provided with the YHT-597BL and 10-inch sub offered with the YHT-797BL.

If you prefer the larger front speakers paired with a smaller subwoofer - go with the YHT-697. However, if you desire satellite speakers that take up less space, and don't mind a larger subwoofer, check out either the YHT-597 or 797BL.

Now this system is a great starter system or an condo/apartment system.  It's not a throw away system like many of these home theater in a boxes you find out there.  The reason for this is because does it include a good sub-woofer and speakers but more importantly the Receiver is solid.  It allows you to upgrade your speakers at some time in the future if you choose to.  The features of this receiver are sufficiently futureproof to last you for countless years and I would recommend this system especially in either circumstance. If you need a good system with limited space or a system you can upgrade in the future.  I should make clear.  I'm not saying these speakers are no good.   The woofer size is smaller and as a result it is designed for smaller space like apartments to minimize the bass or low frequency output.  This can this be compensated for somewhat with the sub.  It's likely this isn't a problem for most.  Everyone isn't a audiophile Hoar like myself :)

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