Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 Subwoofers

So again, here I go with more affordable options to the budget minded home theater enthusiast.  
What we have here?

Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 Subwoofers

Energy, a Klipsch Group, Inc. brand, has just announced the launch of its Energy Power 10 and Energy Power 12 subwoofers. Aligning with the brand’s Energy Power entry-level speakers currently in stores, these subwoofers accommodate an array of audio needs and bass performance preferences.

I'm a firm believer you can't have enough or big enough subwoofers in a home theater(assuming they're setup right).  Unfortunately most normal people think I'm crazy.  For the budget minded or if you're restrained by a really strict budget, finding a decent sub can be a problem. There are alot of cheap options on the market but several of them have matching quality to boot(aka. they suck).  Energy Audio has an answer with their new Power series.

The Energy Power 12 and Power 10 are looking to put as much performance as they can in as inexpensive a package as possible. How inexpensive? The Power 10 retails for only $199 and the Power 12 retails for $299. Now those are numbers that even the cheapest of our friends can stomach.

Like most subs, the model numbers indicate the driver size. The Power 10 has a 10" front firing woofer with the Power 12 sporting a 12" driver. The enclosures constructed out of MDF and feature a rear-facing slot port. Normally, we'd shun any sub with rear-facing ports as they tend to make placement more difficult, but with budget models, it really doesn't matter. People only willing to shell out a few hundred on a sub are as likely to care about proper placement as they are to change the audio settings off "Rock Arena" on their receiver.

Other than driver size, enclosure size, and weight, the only main difference between the two subwoofers is amplifier power. The Energy Power 10 has a 50 watt amp (100 watts dynamic) and the Power 12 has a 100 watt amp (150 watts dynamic). Both the amps feature variable low pass filters, 0/180 phase switch, auto on modes, and line (RCA) and high level (spring type) inputs. For maximum compatibility, the Power series subs from Energy can accept 100-240V, 50/60Hz power and consumes only 1/2 watt on standby.

As you can see here, these subwoofers have all the ports/features and controls that you require to get full use and manipulation to acquire a perfect match with the system you're adding them to.  The rear port allows you put it against a wall for the space concious. 

Another solid addition especially for a starter system or a second sub to an existing system at an affordable price.  Sit back and enjoy your god given right to listen to pounding bass.