Bluetooth Lighting

So I came across this and this is an awesome indciator of things to come!  There are so many devices that brag Bluetooth Enabled!   The masses don't use it in many circumstances but this new Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth Bulb lets you pair your phone with one or more of the lights in your home, and then control them via an app. 

Switch them on, off, change brightness, set a timer, and a special RGB bulb even lets you change the color ambiance. If you're worried about the cost and waste when these things burn out, fear not, as apparently every part is replaceable -- and as there's no home automation system involved -- you won't need anything else to get set up. 

  If this idea switches you on, you might have to hold out a little longer, as the product is just a patented 
prototype right now (I wish I owned that patent). Their planning on mass production and this could change the lighting and home automation industry for sure. I love it!

No more fiddling with light switches just lick, I mean click of the phone and your hands are free for some real fiddling.