Is Samsung in Trouble?? JellyBean Update?

Apple getting Samsung Galaxy Banned?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus was one of the first few smartphones which featured Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as its operating system.  Now, it looks like it is also going to be in the list of first few smartphones which can run Google’s latest addition to the Android family, Android v4.1 Jelly Bean.
The Samsung Galaxy is considered one of the best available Android smartphones on the market since its release where the Galaxy Nexus came with ICS right out of the box.

When Jelly Bean was being announced, Google confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will get ICS rollout before the end of July but it’s just mid July right now and the Jelly Bean rollout has already begun.

After the Jelly Bean update, your Samsung Galaxy Nexus should have JRO03C as its build number which is coincidentally also the same version of the operating system that is featured in the Google Nexus 7 Tablets. Other thing also worth noticing is that after getting the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there is still no noticeable change in the Google Search app and it still returns local search results. However, the only downside of this update is that Adobe Flash Player will now not be available from the Google Play store.

In addition to the above features, Samsung Galaxy Nexus will also feature the goodness with which Jelly Bean comes with like Google Now, Project Butter, improved homescreen, keyboard, notifications and camera app.

 Is Samsung in Trouble???

I'm sure anyone looking at mobile technology is familiar with the recent preliminary injunctions served against the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

In this latest chapter, Samsung has revealed that Apple sent letters to retailers demanding that they remove the Galaxy Tab and Nexus from sale; letters it categorizes as “menacing”.

The comments appear in a document filed with the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (PDF).  Samsung states: "Apple’s menacing letters greatly overreach, incorrectly claiming that third-party retailers are subject to the prohibitions of the preliminary injunction, which they clearly are not."

None of them is a party to the action, and the law is clear that they are permitted to sell their existing inventory, even without a stay.

“Nonetheless, such letters seek unfairly to disrupt the business of both Samsung and its retail partners, who are now being threatened by a company with a self-proclaimed commitment to  ‘thermonuclear’ litigation.”

I'm inclined to believe all this courtroom bickering is a waste of time. Sure the sales may have been affected shortly but clearly that has been temporary and Samsung models that were stopped will be back on sale soon.

Wait a second......Those aren't Jelly beans?