3D Movie Technology Improving?

After seeing the Avengers Movie a few weeks ago I thought I should review it as in my opinion as I think it will definitely benefit 3D advancement in movies and home theater if anyone had the same experience as I.

I've always given 3D TV and Movies a bad rap.  Not only due to the price and the scarce availability of 3D movie selections to the consumer but the fact that I am not one who enjoys having to take my glasses off constantly to eliminate a sick feeling.

During the Avengers movie I didn't have to take my glasses off once.  This really changed my opinion on the whole technology.  I think it was the first 3D movie that I didn't mind the glasses and the tech.  I assumed it was a difference in the technology but, I had to learn why.

Here's what I learned.
Prime tits, ass, sharks and blood shitty movie in 3(aka gimmick)

Most movies that use 3D to have things fly out of the screen at you (that is, "before" the window of the movie screen, as opposed to behind it) are fully embracing it as a gimmicky technology and having fun with it.  The Avengers obviously want people to take the movie seriously and as a result, these continual pop-out effects that can result in that sick feeling are really minimal.

Real people are a challenge when filming Action movies in 3d

Furthermore, it appears real people can prove to be one of the more complicated things to film in action movies.  Generally 3D movies can use a lot of animated characters and environments which makes it easier. The movie absorbing and as I mentioned previously, the glasses weren't annoying at all.  The Developers of the Avengers did a great job.

During development, directors have to compensate for the movement of the 3D image when pacing their scenes, especially the action ones, and whipping the camera around like crazy is only going to make a whole lot of people sick. The old-school sense of pacing action in the avengers, moving the camera deliberately and slowly enough to catch absolutely everything-- which is especially crucial when you've got six heroes out there fighting. You're in no danger of losing your lunch in this movie.

Long story short, its how the movie was filmed.  This movie was created with intentions to make it 3D and it was done right.  This gives hope to those haters like myself.  Obviously 3D technology can succeed.  It's clearly up to movie makers and the developers of the technology (price).  If they choose to do it right for all consumers and don't just use it as a gimmick it really can prove to be a fun and exciting entertainment option.

In the end of the day men have always and will continue to be are greedy pigs with the primary goal of money on their minds.  As a result, (and mark my words) many movie makers will continue to make 3D movies thinking about money opposed to high quality.  The gimmick can and does have a market or movies like Shark Knight 3D shouldn`t .....I mean wouldn`t be made.  Unless this changes, 3D will be a gimmick that people will get fed up with. 

If you were just looking to get a closer look at the Avengers movie......

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oh ya, as a side note:
International Communication Union have spared no effort in getting things up to speed. Just a week ago, we understand that they've drafted the necessary technical specifications for 4K and 8K standards, categorized under the UHDTV (Ultra High Definition Television) format. Just so you know, these folks are also the ones responsible for establishing worldwide standards in TV broadcasting among other responsibilities. To keep the ball rolling, the ITU's radio communication division (ITU-R) recently announced standards for 3D TV programming as well. These new set of recommendations were laid out with the help of broadcasters, industry professionals, and regulating bodies, who form the ITU-R Study Group 6.

According to ITU's press release, the new 3D TV standards will focus on two existing high-definition formats, 720p and 1080p. Simply known as 'Recommendations', the freshly drafted 3D standards will be used to lay down guidelines for digital interfaces used by film studios in 3D TV programme production and general requirements for 3D TV sets. To ascertain the visual quality of 3D TV contents, three 'quality factors' have been agreed upon by the study group - the perceived stereoscopic depth, image quality, and the level of viewing comfort experienced by viewers. "These Recommendations will be of great value to those who make and distribute 3D TV programmes today and in the future. They will make the 3D TV world more comfortable for the media community, and will surely encourage the success and further development of 3D TV", said the Chairman of ITU-R's Working Party 6C, David Wood.

This is good news for the 3d community.  I assume the lack of selection of 3D media on the shelf is a major deturrent for consumers from going 3D and those who have it aren`t happy with it.  Standards of these type will force developers to make it in one format that appeals to the entire market.  This means more money for these developers and as a result, maybe 3D is here to stay.

Again, if you were just looking to get a closer look at the Avengers movie......

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