Prometheus New Trailer, Viral trailer, Imax trailer (HD)

So if you're familiar with the Aliens series of movies then its time to get familiar with the Prequel thats coming soon.  Prometheus.

Following its debut at WonderCon in Anaheim, California on Saturday(March 17th, 2012), the full new trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus is here.

Opening in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D theaters on June 8, the highly-anticipated film stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Idris Elba, Logan Marshall-Green and Charlize Theron.


Prometheus takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life's ultimate mystery.

Here's the New Full Trailer in HD:

You can watch the just released Prometheus IMAX trailer and 2 viral clips below

Here's the IMAX Trailer:

Despite my earlier hesitation. I'm looking forward to this movie now. It looks like not only crazy special effects but a good back story to the Aliens movies and the "Weyland Corporation".

The nature of the connection between Ridley Scott‘s Prometheus and the original Alien film series has been the most hotly debated topic regarding the forthcoming sci-fi prequel. The domestic and international teaser trailers have featured designs and concepts seemingly derived from H.R. Giger‘s groundbreaking creations from Scott’s 1979 face-screwing, chest-bursting space shocker, including glimpses of the derelict spacecraft that set the plot of Alien in motion. But Scott and company have been pretty tight-lipped so far about whether or not Prometheus shares more than just a little DNA with its xenomorphic cinematic brethren.

In an interview with the Hungarian news website Mozinezo, Scott spoke out in regards to the character being played by Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential, The Proposition) and gave us a little insight into just how much Prometheus figures into the origins of the Alien series.

Here is the English translation of Scott’s quote:

“When the first Alien movie and Blade Runner were made, I thought that in the near future the world will be owned by large companies. This is why we have the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner, and Weyland-Yutani in Alien. They sent the Nostromo spaceship.

The Prometheus is owned by an entrepreneur called Peter Weyland, and is played by Guy Pearce. That’s the connection between the two films, and nothing more. Prometheus is a new film, a new world, and is full of new ideas. And of course new monsters as well.”

Last month Pearce discussed his role in an interview with MTV:
“I’m only [in the film] for a minute, but it was a real honor to work with Ridley [Scott], to see what was going on,” he said. “I think Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Charlize Theron and everybody will do a really spectacular job.”

Prometheus opens on June 8, 2012.