Harman Kardon GLA-55 2.0 Speaker system (computer speakers)

If you're looking for premium 2 channel computer audio or just personal audio for your TV or where-ever in your home without surround).  They've been around for a couple years and you may have seen them before but.  Here's an option you may consider if you're looking for a unique and pleasing appearance.  

The GLA-55 Premium Speaker System from Harman/Kardon is an artistically designed pair of speakers for personal home use. Featuring a cut-glass casing and chrome tubing, the crystalline speakers add a true aesthetic to your computer or media player. With high-quality components, including Atlas woofers and CMMD tweeters, the speakers produce sounds with beauty to match their look.


Power Rating 56W per Satellite @ 1% THD
Components 2x Satellites
Frequency Response 35Hz - 20kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio 85dB A-weighted
Input Sensitivity 250mV for rated power
Input Impedance 5000 Ohms
Controls Touch-Sensitive
Dimensions (WxHxD) 5 x 12 x 12" (125 x 304 x 304mm) 

The sound quality is exquisite from top to bottom. It's accurate, dynamic & creates a very good soundstage. They also play very loudly without distortion. For all practical purposes they eliminate the need for a subwoofer. Only those who are seeking the ultimate 2.1 setup should even consider one if they want that viseral & tactile feeling that the bottom octave will give you.   Depending on your audio preferences they may need a subwoofer.  In reviews current owners say this isn't the case but personally, seeing as they are 3" woofers I would use them with a sub (again, this is a matter of personal opinion/preference)

End of the day.  I would find it difficult justifying spending $1000 for these speakers unless I didn't have 3 home theaters or used my computer for gaming or home audio.  Take a look through this site, in the Menu under HOMETHEATERBOX at the top you could buy a 5.1 stereo system with receiver and sub-woofer for half the price even.  However, The GLA-55's are very revealing of the equipment it's used with. Their place is in a high-end gaming setup with a very good soundcard or or they can be with your TV or just for audio(using a receiver of some kind).

If its computer speakers you're looking for it go with something more reasonable like, Harman Kardon Soundsticks(click this link for review). Granted, the sound quality won't be the same but it would be good.  If premium sound quality isn't a concern (or if the price looks ridiculous) I'm sure you could find something else to spend the remaining $900 on.