Outdoor Dream Theaters

Home theater under the stars. We're not sure that television needs to penetrate into the world of outdoor living. But it can.  If you're looking to soup up your outdoor experience when summer comes in this year here's a few ambitious and extremely creative ideas I've come across.

This is an Outdoor/Indoor Home Theater Kit by Frontgate.

The system includes a high-def inflatable projection screen complete with a ground sheet, stabilizing nylon rope tie downs, and ground stakes. Kind of like a tent. What do you think? Could make for some fun, small-scale rooftop films.

Surprisingly enough, these inflatable screens have improved the whole experience of outdoor theaters and made them more common.

Now this is just amazing.

The Oasis screen is an electronically controlled retractable screen based on the company’s popular Luxus Model A Electriscreen (LX Model). However, the Oasis is designed specifically for outdoor use and is resistant to corrosion and other outdoor elements.  Here's a couple setups using this Luxus Screen.  

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