Outdoor Dream Theaters Part 2

Now continuing with some ideas for those who are looking to up their Game this summer.

Look closely, you'll see a screen in the Gazebo here and in the second picture a Giant screen on the the top floor over looking whatever is out there in this Paradise.

The upscale Hawaiian-style outdoor theater system at this 14,000-square-foot Maui hideaway is certainly its main attraction. The maker of this customized set-up, Engineered Environments, had to take into consideration the high amount of rainfall, humidity, and windy conditions, which Maui is known for, when they designed this outdoor home theater. The 20ft screen is mounted to an automated lift system beneath a teak bench located poolside. When not in use, the TV screen is hidden in a concrete vault where humidity and rainfall cannot effect it. The pool area is also littered with strategically placed outdoor speakers, which provide a nice 7.1 surround sound effect. There’s even an installed weather station which records wind speeds to make sure that it’s safe for the TV to be used, without it being damaged.

This awesome outdoor home theater was designed and installed by Crown Audio in Orlando, Florida. The screen itself is 300-inches diagonally, and it is set on a motorized track to raise or lower it accordingly. The entire system uses 8 large speakers concealed as rocks, placed in strategic locations around the pool, and a full rack of amps to power them.

Here we have a glass house with an open-air home theaters in Hollywood Hills. You can flop on one of the sofas and watch a movie on an enormous screen, one of the outer walls of the guesthouse of the Hagy Belzberg-designed Skyline residence.

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