Onkyo TX-NR1009 9.2 Home Theater Reciever

The TX-NR1009 transforms your living room into an immersive entertainment space. As the world’s first receiver to feature DTS Neo:X™, it harnesses 9.2 channels of pristine audio to create expanded soundscapes with spine-tingling ambience. Build quality propels the TX-NR1009 to the very top of the mid-range class. Housed in a rigid, vibration-reducing cabinet are separate power/pre-amp blocks, a massive transformer, and symmetrical L/R channels. This rock-solid base supports high-power amplification and a superb range of connections and processing features. Eight HDMI® inputs handle 3D video from Blu-ray, 4K video upscaled by Qdeo™ technology, and studio-quality lossless audio formats. An Ethernet port lets you incorporate internet radio and networked audio from a PC or media server. And USB ports let you play audio files stored on a flash drive or iPod/iPhone. All your video sources benefit from high-quality HQV® Vida™ technology and independent ISF calibration. And for the dedicated home theater enthusiast, the TX-NR1009 includes advanced features such as bi-amping, 9.2 multichannel pre-outs, and powered Zone 2 and Zone 3 audio.

Early 2011 Onkyo started with the Onkyo TX-NR609(click link to view review) , which topped the mid-range receivers released at the time. Excellent product with a serious bang for your buck.  Now if you're looking for more juice in your receiver and you're willing to stretch that budget a little more, take a look at the Onkyo TX-NR1009.

This step-up model, the TX-NR1009 is not quite the best AV receiver Onkyo has to offer (that honour goes to the TX-NR5009) but it’s just two steps down, meaning much of the spec will be similar. Its premium price tag gives Onkyo a chance to cut loose and show us what it’s really made of in terms of performance as well as throwing in its usual cavalcade of features.

It’s a 9.2-channel receiver with 135W per channel, a power rating that clearly satisfied the boffins at THX who have granted it THX Select2 Plus certification. That means it’s suitable for rooms up to 56 cubic metres, and you get a range of THX presets.

And if you’re wondering where all those extra channels are coming from, the TX-NR1009 adds a pair of surround back channels and a pair of front height and/or front width channels for use with the on-board ‘vertical’ sound modes, as well as a second subwoofer output for those moments when one bass box simply isn’t enough.

Its definitely a  piece of kit worthy of its price tag. It sports a fetching brushed black fascia with a relatively minimal layout and few controls or knobs to twiddle. The large, info-packed display panel is bookended by Standby and Pure Audio buttons at one end and a large illuminated volume dial at the other. There are input selection buttons on display too, but most of these are discreetly arranged in a row and don’t draw any attention.

However, flip open the flap at the bottom and you’ll uncover a treasure trove of buttons and sockets. These include menu controls, listening mode and zone selection keys, plus HDMI, USB, composite, optical digital audio and analogue stereo inputs.

If you like lots of AV connections, the back panel will blow your mind. There’s a further seven HDMI ports on the back alongside two outputs, every single one of which is v1.4 and ready to channel high-bandwidth 3D images to a TV or anywhere else you care to send them.

There are more composite video, S-video, analogue stereo inputs than you’ll probably ever need, as well as two sets of component video inputs (and one output) and five digital audio inputs (three coaxial and two optical). These are joined by a set of 7.1-channel analogue inputs and 9.2-channel pre-outs. The unit supports bi-amping, and two pairs of outputs are provided to send audio to a second and third zone. Custom installers can make good use of the IR, 12V trigger, RS-232 and R1 remote control ports.

You’ll find another USB port for playing back digital media, Onkyo’s proprietary Universal Port to connect optional peripherals like an iPod dock and DAB radio tuner, a D-sub 15-pin PC input and an Ethernet port.
  • DTS Neo:X, Dolby PLIIz, THX, Audyssey DSX, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Audyssey Dynamic Volume sound processing
  • DOLBY True HD and DD Plus decoder, DTS-HD Master Audio decoder
  • 192K DAC
  • HQV Vida VHD1900 Video Processor w/ upscaling
  • iPod, iPhone compatible via USB
  • Media streaming
  • Internet and satellite radio ready
  • Analog to HDMI upconversion
  • 4K upscaling
  • Inputs: 7x Audio, Phono, 5x Digital Audio (2 optical, 3 coaxial), 5x Composite, 4x S-Video, 8x HDMI, Front-panel USB, Front-panel A/V, 2x Component Video, D-sub PC, Ethernet
  • Outputs: 1x Audio, 2x Composite, 2x S-Video, 1x Component Video, 2x HDMI, Zone 2 Line Out, Zone 3 Line Out
  • 9.2 channels
  • 135W amplifier
  • Backlit remote with on-screen programming
  • Auto speaker calibration w/ mic
Basically, as you can see from the above list of features if you can stretch that budget...This is a receiver that you'll be using 20 years from now.

If you're more interested in other Onkyo options, take a look in the menu under Receivers / Onkyo.  Again, we have proven that Bigger is Better :)