FileSonic disabled file sharing in wake of Megaupload going down..?.

After the United States Department Of Justice filed an lawsuit which led to the shutdown of MegaUpload and the arrest of its co-founder Kim Dotcom and other officials of the company, another cloud file locker service, FileSonic, has shuttered its file sharing system.

As of late, this notice has been posted on the FileSonic site: “All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.”

This move from FileSonic is clearly a reaction to what happened to MegaUpload which just recently was taken down by the U.S. in cooperation with authorities from eight other sovereign countries on the basis of over 20 warrants.

MegaUpload has had its main domain name, MegaUpload, as well as other domains under the Mega family taken.  However, MegaUpload vows to fight the legal war the U.S. has started against it.

Nonetheless, the predicament MegaUpload is currently is has raised the possibility that similar file-sharing sites, like FileSonic, will soon be targeted by the U.S.

No full legal statement from FileSonic about its move to shut down has been released as of yet.  However, I think its save to assume they're attempting to police their own system (or appear as though they are police their own system) in hopes that they can avoid any such legal costs or difficulties.

Is this a sign that law enforcement is successfully on track to putting an end to piracy?

What do you think?   You think this will start to getting everyone lined up playing ball?