Sonos CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP Wireless solution

Streaming media and eliminating wires is every hometheater buffs desire.  Even those who wouldn't classify themselves as home theater enthusiasts or audiophiles like convenience and the attractive appearance that comes along with wireless products and a lack of wires.


Sonos, creators of wireless HiFi products hadan important announcement to make recently. The company has announced that its ZonePlayer 90 and ZonePlayer 120 products have been renamed to CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP respectively. The award-winning products by the company will remain the same, with the only difference being the name change which helps consumers by simply being more descriptive of their roles.


In case you weren’t familiar with the ZonePlayer/CONNECT, they are accessories which you connect to your regular home theater or stereo setup, which you can then use to “stream all the music on earth” to the audio equipment you already own. All the music on earth basically means music from iTunes, Pandora, Napster, other internet radio stations and more.

All the connected speakers and devices can be controlled from one central iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) that’s connected to the same WiFi router, via an app. With tons of options and customizability, Sonos’ CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP (which has an integrated 55W/channel amplifier to power your speakers) is great for folks who have loads of speakers all over the house and are looking for a way to control all of them from one device.

These devices open up several possibilities that create options for even those who are space limited, renters who cant wire their homes inexperienced or noobies to the home theater game...etc

With the ability to power your speakers with CONNECT:AMP you can really create a wireless system and this allows you to do it on the fly if you like.

End of the day, its always convenient to put things where you want them.  This device makes that an option.

This thing is so simple, grandma could play with it.  As you can see here it supports a wide variety of products and more, its compatibility is endless when it comes to just connecting it to what you already own.(Home Theater, Stereo, iPod, iPhone, iPad, phones, tablets....etc)

To give you a clear picture of what we're dealing with here, take a look:

No I meant, look at the video ;)