Protecting your investment

Now with all the hardware many have in their homes, the possibility of theft is always there.  That being said, I thought I would provide some insight into affordable methods of securing your home.  Security companies can prove extremely costly to get a service you don't want or doesn't meet your needs.  While many might think it would be difficult, home security is within reach, affordable and really very simple to get running.

Lets take a look,

SVAT CV301-8CH-002
(from the manufacturer)

This is an 8 channel, 500GB hard drive DVR system comes packaged with four indoor/outdoor hi-res night vision cameras, and can expanded to include up to four more. As your business, family or property grows, so can the CV301-8CH-002. In addition, the interactive coaching menu guides you through the entire setup process, ensuring your DVR will be up and running in no time. Plus, industry-leading features such as smart phone access, worldwide online viewing, H.264 compression, help you maximize your system while achieving the highest level of protection.

Smart Phone CompatibleSmart phone compatible
The CV301-8CH-002 is compatible with BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile®, Symbian® and iPhone® Smart Phones. Uitlizing 3G technology, this DVR is specifically designed to transmit your video and audio at higher speeds.

H.264 Compression Saves Disk Space
The high capacity 500GB hard drive is optimized for 24/7 surveillance, can hold over a month (1000 hours) of video. H.264 compression provides an amazing picture while saving almost 50% on storage space versus DVRs with MPEG-4 compression.

View Video Online with No Service Fees
View your DVR's live or recorded video footage on any Internet accessible computer with Internet Explorer® - know what is happening at your home or business wherever and whenever you want. (Requires a router, Windows operating system, Internet Explorer® browser, and broadband Internet connection for online viewing)

Coaching iMenu
Helpful information bubbles will pop up to assist you as you scroll through your DVR's different settings. By offering greater insight into each setting, you can best configure the system to suit your needs.

We'll Get You Online with Our 24/7 Lifetime Live Customer Support
Assistance is available whenever you need it. Our customer support team can be reached by phone 24/7, email or live web chat services so that you will always have access to an expert.

4 Professional Grade Weather Resistant Cameras4 professional grade weather resistant cameras
Four high resolution color cameras, made with Sharp® CCD image sensors, provide you with a clear, consistent picture at 420 TV lines of resolution. Each camera is built with professional grade aluminum housing and a sunshade to help prevent glare, deterioration and rusting.

See in the Dark with Automatic Night Vision
Each camera is equipped with night vision, allowing you to see any monitored area (up to 15ft away) in total darkness. The 12 infrared LEDs activate automatically when it becomes dark and deactivate during the day to save energy.

Expandable System up to 8 Cameras
Your security needs may change as your business or property grows. With the CV301-8CH-002, you can add up to 4 additional cameras, boosting your level of security and monitoring even more areas. Any camera with a power supply and a RCA or BNC connection is compatible. Cameras in this system have the model number VU301-C.

Multiple Easy Backup Options
The CV301-8CH-002 boasts several easy ways to backup your important video footage. The built-in USB port allows the connection of a USB flash drive to store your files permanently on your computer or an external hard drive. An external CD/DVD writer can also be connected, allowing you to easily burn your footage to a disc.

Multiple easy backup optionsFeatures:

  • Record over one month (1000 hours) of continuous video footage on the 500GB hard drive
  • Fast and hassle-free setup - the coaching iMenu will guide you through the entire setup process
  • View video online with no service fees - view your DVR's live or recorded video footage anywhere in the world
  • iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian smartphone compatible - access live footage from your smart phone
  • 4 professional grade weatherproof cameras - clear and consistent picture at 420 TV lines of resolution
  • View in the dark with automatic night vision - see any monitored area in total darkness
  • Expandable to up to 8 surveillance cameras - your system can grow with you
  • 24/7 lifetime Live Customer Service - our experts will get you online in no time
  • Built-in USB port allows for multiple easy backup options.

List of Contents:

SVAT CV301-8CH-002 8 channel H.264 DVR with 500GB HDD, 4 indoor/outdoor hi-res night vision CCD cameras, IR remote control (batteries included), power adapter for DVR, four-to-one port power supply for cameras, 4 x 60ft 4 PIN DIN to RCA (male) power cables, 1 x 10ft RJ-45 ethernet cable, 5 x RCA to BNC connectors, mounting hardware, 4 x window warning stickers, quick start guide, instructionmanual, software CD, 24/7 lifetime live customer support, 1 year manufacturer's direct warranty.

Basically, for about half the MSRP this package will provide you with everything you need.   Even the most technically challenged can set this one up.  Consider, you don't need some 3rd party (Security company) listening into your home or recording everything when you can record it all yourself.  In fact, you can be sitting on the beach watching the video feed online on your Smart Phone from your beach chair in the Caribbean.  Need the cops? Call them yourself.  Thats all these security companies will do for more money.

I suppose there are alternatives but, they may prove distracting.........