Modern Warfare 3 Controversy?

OK so if you've been around here before you know I'll favor Battlefield 3 over Call of Duty.  However, this new controversy is really making me consider purchasing Call of Duty despite all my misgivings.  While it really isn't a reason to purchase a game for any stable individual, the realism and violence has certainly peaked my interest.  Many are claiming that the violence and storyline is controversial for a video game but realistically?  I've seen much worse in movies and the game is rated for adults.  We all know that kids will still play it but the same goes for horror movies and gory action films.

What do you think?

It appears this video has been banned out there on the Internet but it is still viewable for now here...... Controversial child killing video at GamePro.

I don't see the big deal, I think its a grab to get people looking at MW3 to buy just before the release.  What? Banned video?   :)

Another example of this "Controversial" topic is seen below.

You can order MW3 here for PC, Xbox or PS3: