In-wall speakers easier and cheaper than it looks.

Again with space savings in mind, in-wall speakers can be a massive assist in this regard.

There are several reasons for installing in-wall speakers.  It may appear to be a difficult job but as you'll see from this simple video here it really isn't. and the benefits destroy the negatives of installing speakers in walls.

Unclutter your room:

Historically, home theater speakers are large and are installed in giant speaker cabinets. These old style speakers made interior design a nightmare. In-wall speakers can be installed flush in the wall. The result is less space taken up with speaker cabinets and more room to decorate. Once the speakers are in the wall, the room instantly feels more open and relaxed.
speaker in wall installation


Many of these speakers come ready to be painted. They usually have a white grill and bezel that is just waiting to be painted the same color as the walls they are installed into. It is fast, easy, and blends into the room’s interior. Once properly painted, these speakers are almost invisible on the wall. The outer bezel can even be wallpapered if that is a better suited for the wall.  This allows for an attractive or even invisible home theater system as you can design and color it to match the existing decor. 

Imagine space savings without bookshelves/towers

Install where you want, or where it's supposed to be:

Freedom to install these speakers where you want is one of the major benefits of in-wall speakers. No more ugly speaker brackets that stick out of the wall. No more moving furniture to set bookshelf speakers on. Now you can find the ideal location in-between studs and insert the speaker. If walls are not an option, then look up to the ceiling. Speaker placement is just as easy with speakers that install in the ceiling and offers more flexibility.  Lord knows, I've been forced to put speakers in positions at times just because of the room and the furniture making the sound less than perfect.

Sound quality does not need to be sacrificed when designing a living room home theater. With recent improvements in speaker technology, in wall speakers can offer sound quality that is just as good as traditional speakers. In fact, I would venture to say, use of your walls as ports allows for better sound.

A popular option for affordable in-wall 2 way speakers?

Polk Audio RC85i 2-way In-wall Speaker

The Polk Audio RC85i 2-way In-wall Speaker delivers incredible sound to any room in your home without using any floor or shelf space. The RC85i is easy to install, requiring only that you cut a hole, feed the wires through, and simply drop the speaker in where it is held in place by rotating cams that safely secure the speaker with no extra assembly or mess. Once installed, the paintable grille and flange allows this in-wall speaker to virtually disappear in the room.

The Polk RC85i utilizes an eight-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone with a rubber surround that outlasts cheaper foam surrounds, as well as a one-inch dynamic-balance, metalized soft dome tweeter with a swivel mount. The swivel-mounted tweeter is aimable for direct high frequency control that ensures spacious imaging with amazing clarity, and well-balanced sound in any listening position, even off-axis listening positions, rather than in just a small sweet spot.

Constructed of durable, moisture resistant materials, the RC85i is safe for use in bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, or even under outdoor eaves, and features a wide-dispersion design for even sound-coverage throughout even large rooms. The RC85i also features infinite baffle tuning which uses the virtual enclosure of in-wall space for superior bass response, and is timbre-matched to the Polk Audio Monitor Series for seamless, enveloping imaging when used in a home theater system.

  • Pair of 2-way in-wall speakers timbre-matched to the Polk Audio RTi Series for seamless imaging
  • Equipped with one 8-inch dynamic-balance, mineral filled polymer-composite cone
  • Frequency response: 30Hz - 20kHz
  • Equipped with one 1-inch dynamic-balance, metalized soft dome tweeter with 15-degree-swivel mount
  • Constructed of durable, moisture-resistant materials for use in bathrooms, saunas, or under outdoor eaves
For more information on speaker placement and surround speaker placement click here

Anyways, I'm sure we can all find much more useful things to clutter our space up with besides tower and bookshelf speakers.  I know I could definitely eliminate some wood if I installed some of this.  :)

    And these are the in-ceiling speakers made with the same woofers(also 2 way speakers)