Dream Speakers - YG Acoustics Voyager

 So here's some more dream speakers for you.  If you're interested, take a look in the menu under "OTHER" to find several unbelievable speakers in the Dreams Speakers option.

These YG Acoustics Voyager speakers scale new heights in the audio snobbery stratosphere, commanding $100,000 just to be in their presence. But wait a minute, they're not even for sale to the bourgeois masses such as you and me—you have to be a music and film "industry leader" to pick up a pair.

Even though they're made of cast aluminum, they still each weigh more than 200 pounds. That's okay, those industry leaders and their associated cognoscenti will have plenty of goons to tote them into their recording studio control rooms and audio sweetening suites.

From the manufacturer:

"Our approach towards achieving perfect sound is 100% scientific—the loudspeaker sounds absolutely realistic, without emphasizing any aspect of reproduction over another. Our designs offers zero compromise—they are indistinguishable from live sound."

So if you have $100,000 and you're not an "Industry Leader" then go elsewhere. This company claims they only cater to those who presume to be the best in the business :)

So if you're looking for some new speakers and you're not independantly wealthy, and a so called "industry leader" just stare at this for a moment.