Sonos Play 3 / Sonos Play 5 All-In-One Wireless Music Players

With the evolution of smartphones, computers, streaming and audio device compatibility there are many consumers out there looking for reasonable solutions that aren't extremely costly.  Here's one that is extremely popular, convenient and effective one.

The Sonos Play:3 All-In-One Wireless Music Player

This a more effective solution for those without a home stereo system or require mobile audio solutions with convenient control options.

Wirelessly stream your entire library off your PC, your  iTunes library, favorite music services, and thousands of radio stations from around the world. Versatile enough to put anywhere and still fill the room with sound. Set up simply, and expand until every room in your home is packed with music. All playing a different song in every room or the same song in perfect synchronization. Control it all from your Android iPhone or iPad using the free Sonos CONTROL app.

  • Hear every song you have and discover more with access to over 100,000 free radio stations and shows worldwide
  • Easily connects to your wireless router with included Ethernet cable or wirelessly anywhere with addition of Sonos Bridge
  • Start with one, expand everywhere - wireless expandability to play different songs in different rooms or play together in sync
  • Plays digital music with HiFi sound with 3 driver speaker system, 3 digital amps, 1 tweeter, 2 mid range drivers and 1 bass radiator
  • Control from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet - works with Android, iPhone, iPad, and Sonos controller

Normally I am not a fan of the majority of products like this but in this case, the Sonos 3 Play has some features that make it extremely desirable.  The ability to add multiple speakers into multiple rooms/locations provides a flexibility and convenience that isn't as simple with any other device.  You can simply add speakers to the system endlessly in different spots or rooms.  Seeing as each speaker can individually connect to your router and has the capability to stream the same music or separate music to each speaker is amazing.  If you own mobile device iPhone, iPad, Android or even just a PC this device could be exactly what you're looking for.

Now if you think you need more? There is the bigger model with 5 Speakers instead of the 3 that the Sonos Play 3 has.

Sonos Play 5

  • Room-filling HiFi sound
  • 5 speakers powered by 5 dedicated digital amplifiers deliver crystal-clear, room-filling
    sound that rivals much larger, more complicated audio equipment.
  • 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range drivers and 1 subwoofer driver for powerful bass you can feel.
The rest of the features are the same but the product obviously creates a larger improved sound and cost about $100 more.

This is an exciting product that will allow a lot of people to get off their clock radios and Television speaker audio.  Forget about the music, just sit back and stay cool.........