Modern Warfare 3 Release Imminent

So with the Battlefield 3 release yesterday, some are waiting on MW3 which is just weeks away.  Activision has been preparing for war. Activision used this weekend to start advertising MW3 across the nation and even the world.  Enjoy, because Modern Warfare 3 will ship to retail shelves on November 8th.   Here's the add that's going to be on TV.

The staying power or longevity of these shooters is in the Multiplayer game play.The single player mode looks like it can compete, if not beat the Battlefield 3 single player mode.  However, as with Battlefield 2 and MW2.  I don't think MW3 will compete with the multiplayer of Battlefield 3.

Here's a look at the multi-player.

Those of you who need this one? You can buy it for XBOX, PC or PS3 below.

I'm sure it'll keep a smile on your face.