Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker for iPod and iPhone

With the crazy popularity of iPhone / iPods out there this is an excellent solution for those who are looking to listen to their mobile device audio anywhere in their home.  It definitely works anywhere, and the speakers look good in any surrounding, be it a living room or outside at a campsite.

On the front, you have a large speaker grill to cover 6 of the 8 speakers located in this set. On the front alone, you get two half-inch tweeters for the high range, two 3 inch laser tuned drivers for the mid range, and two 2 inch passive radiators for the bass. On the backside, there are two more passive radiators for even more bass response – that’s 8 speakers, all in a small portable form factor! Logitech have definitely left all other portable speakers in the dust, and they’re going to have to work hard to catch up.

Back to the front, you have your standard on/off button, volume up/down buttons, and a IR port for the included remote control. There’s also a cover for the iPod dock at the top, which doubles as a stand when it’s opened.

Logitech have come up with a new way to hold your iPod/iPhone, so you don’t need those annoying dock adaptors which you needed to change every time you used them with a different device. The dock connector moves somewhat, so it can accommodate any type of iPod, and it’s slightly spring loaded meaning it holds your device against the back wall so it doesn’t move when it’s in the dock. It’s a really good system which despite being very simple, works very well. If you have a particularly thick case on your device however, you may have to remove it to dock it, but the vast majority of cases will fit fine.

Round the back, all you’ve got is those two speakers we talked about before, an auxiliary jack enabling the speakers to be used with virtually any source of music, and a power jack.
Also included in the box, as well as the remote control which offers basic controls like play/pause, skip tracks and the ability to turn on shuffle, is a travel bag for the speakers, and a power adapter.

Battery life:

The Logitech s715i has a built in rechargeable battery NiMH battery, which means you can listen to music without being plugged into the wall for up to eight hours at a moderate volume. It’s worth noting that when the speakers are being used off the battery, the maximum volume is decreased, and sound quality is slightly diminished, with the bass being automatically turned down for example. They still sound exceptionally good.

I’ve never really thought too much of this type of portable speaker dock, as I’ve been let down so many times in the past by mediocre, flat sound. Even with expensive docks, they usually lack the ability to provide a really rich soundspace, all the way from crisp highs to booming lows. This set however changes everything.

With the This device is perfect for outdoor audio which makes it even more appealing.  It makes it much more than a home stereo.  Think of the possibilities created by an 8hr rechargeable battery life.  You could just lay at the beach and enjoy the scenery while listening to your favorite track.