Wall mounts with wire management

Now I know better than most with all the electronics I've set up in my time.  The most aggrivating thing you'll find when using multiple devices is that wires ruin the look when your sitting back and watching your system in action.

As you can see in this example, if you don't consider this factor your system can be high quality but in appearance? It may resemble some stank ass.  :0

I've included a couple of examples and good choices for alternatives to this unpleasant appearance.

OmniMount TRIA Adjustable 3-Shelf For Components

 Three adjustable 6mm tempered glass shelves with shelf capacity of 30 lbs each
  • Integrated cable management hides wires
  • Use with or without flat panel
  • Color: Black with black glass / Paintable and trimable covers
  • Mounting: Single-stud / Easy to Install

Cheetah Mounts AS3B 3 Wall Mount Bracket

  • Holds 70LBS
  • Cable Management
  • Aluminum and Glass Construction
  • Easy Assembly
  • Drywall or Stud installation
The AS3B is a tri-shelf cable management system. It can be used with or without a Plasma/LCD mount. This unit is designed to fit under your display and provide an on wall solution for other components such as cable boxes, DVD players, game consoles, and stereo components. There are three 2.25-Inch holes on the aluminum plate that allow you to cleanly run your cables up to your TV or down to another component, as well as out the bottom to an outlet. After reviewing our competition we realized that most shelving units need to be mounted directly into a wall stud. In most cases the wall stud is placed to the right or to the left of the display, which is not where most people prefer to have their shelves mounted. This is still the most secure option however, after significant research we’ve fount that using the correct toggle bolts can allow you to mount your shelving unit wherever you see fit. With the combination of four of these toggle bolts the shelving unit is able to hold well over 70LBS safely. Each individual toggle bolt provides 75LBS of support. Please not that a good toggle bolt is still only as good as the quality of the drywall it is mounted into. If you have water damage or .25-Inch drywall please add a support for your shelving unit. 

In conclusion,

Of the two options I would choose the Cheetah mount.  I've used both kinds and the Omni mount granted, has more invisible wire managment, its more of a pain to setup and change things if necessary.  As a result, unless you're going to install it and never change your configuration of your hardware, I would recommend the Cheetah mount.  It is cheaper to boot.

While I know many of you enjoy the backside of many things in this world, none of us like staring at the wires and crap sticking out of our Televisions, or any of our devices.  Here's a couple solutions for a reasonable price without digging holes in your walls.  Take your pick.