Polk Audio LSiFX Surround Speakers

Polk Audios LSi Series is a high end relatively affordable product that will blow you away.  Using these as surrounds will make any systems sound quality increase substantially.


Ideal for surround sound.

With two ring radiator tweeters and two aerated polypropylene drivers per speaker in a trapezoidal cabinet, this surround specific speaker will wrap you in spectacular sound. It works great for both movies and multi-channel music. Use two pairs for 7.1 and you'll have ultimate surround sound! Recommended for amplifiers up to 200 watts per channel, these are serious surround speakers to suit the most discriminating listener.

Some features:
  • Dipole/bipole switch allows you to use the speaker to the sides or rear of the listening area.
  • Wall mountable with dual keyhole slots for easy setup.
  • Dual PowerPorts provide authoritative bass from a surround speaker, perfect for full bandwidth surround channels from Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, DTS Master Audio, DVD-Audio and SACD.
  • High Power Handling for amplifiers up to 200 watts per channel.
When it comes to making a movie soundtrack come to life all around you, it's hard to beat dipole/bipole surrounds like the LSiFX speakers from Polk. These flexible speakers have 45° angled driver arrays, giving you the perfect mix of direct and indirect sound. Each array sports a 1" Ring Radiator tweeter and a 5-1/4" aerated polypropylene Dynamic Balance driver. 
These speakers were designed especially for today's discrete multi-channel digital formats, (DTS-HD, Dolby Digital..etc)  You can timbermatch with the complete LSi Series for an utterly realistic surround experience. Switchable Bipole/Dipole operation gives you more performance and placement flexibility. The LSi Series from Polk Audio is the new standard in affordable loudspeakers for serious listening .

Versatile design and placement

When it comes to placement and listening preferences, you can change the phase relationship between driver arrays with the handy dipole/bipole switch. A bipole setting is great for placing the speakers behind your listening position, and provides clear, directional sound. Dipole usage, on the other hand, is ideal for placement to the side of your listening position and results in a more diffuse soundfield. Wall-mounting is simple, thanks to the built-in keyhole slot. Plus, with a sophisticated, high-gloss black finish, the LSiFX makes a nice addition to any room.

 These speakers have an awesome sound.  As mentioned previously using the entire LSi series is always ideal but possibly a little costly. As an alternative you could just match it with other polk speakers like these R series or TSi series.  With this combination you could produce a awesome sound at an affordable price.