Pioneer AS-WL300 Wireless Network Adapter

I've noticed an increased number of VSX-1021 Pioneer Network receivers being sold.  If you would like to use the network capabilities and would like to bring your receiver to Super-Duper Status....

The Pioneer AS-WL300 is a Wireless Network Adapter for compatible Pioneer A/V receivers. The AS-WL300 wireless network adapter makes your network-ready Pioneer A/V receiver the ultimate control center of your home entertainment system providing wireless network capability. The AS-WL300 wireless network adapter lets you enjoy wireless access to features such as AirPlay and Internet Radio for your Pioneer A/V receiver. You can also stream audio from your DLNA certified Windows PC. In addition, you can wirelessly download firmware updates for your compatible Pioneer receiver. For added convenience, the AS-WL300 wireless network adapter supports the iControlAV2 remote app.

Pioneer A/V Receiver Compatibility: The Pioneer AS-WL300 is compatible with the following Pioneer network-ready A/V receivers (as of June 2011).

Operating System Requirements: The AS-WL300 wireless network adapter supports the following computer operating systems.
  • Windows: 7 (32/64 bit), Vista (32/64 bit), XP
  • Macintosh: 10.6, 10.5, 10.4
Note: Your computer must have an Ethernet (LAN) port and USB (type-A) port for setup. The AS-WL300 plugs into your computer during setup and is then unplugged and connected to your compatible Pioneer A/V receiver.  

WiFi Connectivity: The Pioneer AS-WL300 wireless network adapter provides wireless (2.4GHz) connectivity for your compatible Pioneer A/V receiver to your wireless home network. The AS-WL300 is compatible with IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless networks.

Ethernet/USB Connection: The Pioneer AS-WL300 connects to your compatible Pioneer network-ready receiver via the supplied Ethernet/USB cable. The Ethernet connection provides transfer of your network and internet content to the receiver, once content has been wirelessly transmitted from your network to the AS-WL300. The USB connection provides power for the wireless network adapter.

Quick & Secure Setup (via WPS): WPS (Wi-Fi protected set-up) provides an easy two step set-up process for easy and secure network connection with WPS-enabled wireless routers. Simply connect the AS-WL300 to the back of compatible A/V receiver via the supplied USB power cable, press the WPS button on the WPS-enabled wireless router, and then press the WPS button on the AS-WL300.

Note: The unit can also be setup manually using WEP (64/128 bit) or WPA/WPA2 (TKIP/AES) security settings. This unit cannot connect to a base with a SSID (Network name) that includes a semicolon (;).

 Internet Radio: The Pioneer AS-WL300 lets you wirelessly transmit Internet Radio (with vTuner) to your network-ready Pioneer A/V receiver, so you can enjoy 1000's of internet radio stations from around the world.

DLNA Certified (1.5): The AS-WL300 wireless network adapter is DLNA 1.5 certified. Which means you can stream your MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, or even FLAC music files from your PC, laptop or smartphone to your network-ready Pioneer receiver.

AirPlay: With AirPlay you can stream music from iTunes to your compatible A/V Pioneer receiver and play it through your home theater system. Simply connect the receiver to your home network via AS-WL300 and it instantly becomes the hub for playback of your iTunes music from your connected Apple device or networked computer.

AVNavigator: AVNavigator uses your networked PC to communicate wirelessly with your Pioneer network-ready A/V receiver, walking you through speaker set-up, MCACC room calibration, sound optimization, firmware updates, and more.

Pioneer iControlAV2 Remote App (for iPad): The Pioneer free iControlAV2 Remote App from Apple makes it easy to operate select functions of your Pioneer A/V receiver using an iPad (iOS 4.2 or later) in a Wi-Fi network environment. Download this free iPad app from the iTunes app store and enjoy controlling your home cinema system with the touch of your finger.

Firmware Updates: You can wirelessly download firmware updates from the Pioneer Website for your compatible Pioneer A/V receiver using the AS-WL300 wireless network adapter.

So I hope this was helpful.