Modern Warefare 3 Gameplay Trailers

I own Modern Warfare 2 and I played the hell out of it.  However, the quality, gameplay, map sizes and detail can't compare to Battlefield 2.  Looking at the trailers, MW3 doesn't appear to have upped their game at all.  It looks essentially the same just different maps.

It appears the only thing they can do to make this new and interesting is call a trailer a gameplay trailer and mix it up with movies so you think you can blow so all kinds of $hit like blow a subway car and take out the enemy???

The biggest redeeming factor this game may have had is building destruction but it appears they aren't even doing that to keep up with Battlefield. I read an article from the UK the other day confirming.

"Following rumours that Modern Warfare 3 will feature a greater emphasis on environmental destruction, a live gameplay demonstration in London earlier this week has proved that all of the carnage on display was purely scripted.

This is counter to recent rumours that Modern Warfare 3 would feature destructive elements to bring the IP in line with market rival Battlefield 3."

You be the judge. Check out several gameplay trailers in the Movies N Games section of the menu under Battlefield for the comparison. You can start here:
Battlefield 3 Multiplayer (Caspian) or Battlefield 3 (Thunder run)

If you're a die hard MW fan you can pre-order here.

You can Pre-order MW3 here for PC, Xbox or PS3: