Klipsch HD Theater 500 & 1000 - 5.1 Speaker Systems

Now personally, I prefer tower speakers or even bookshelves to satellites due to the larger woofer size and sound.  However, as I've discussed countless times, realistically, everyone can't accommodate big speakers and in turn must use satellites.   That being said, many satellite speakers you'll find on the market (especially in htib packages) suck.

Here we have some high quality product made by a reputable manufacturer.  Klipsch has been around since 1946 in a shack in Arkansas.  Since then they've engineered speakers and audio hardware and built a quality name for themselves.

Klipsch HD Theater 500 / 1000

The HD-1000 and the HD-500 deliver premium, high definition sound via five identical satellites and a powerful 10" subwoofer(the HD-500 has an 8" downfiring subwoofer). Each two-way satellite utilizes an aluminum tweeter loaded in a MicroTractrix horn and dual 2.5 mid-bass drivers in a ported enclosure to produce dynamic and realistic sound from very small cabinets. This small footprint allows flexibility in mounting options and locations while disappearing into the room's decor. Filling in the bottom end is a powerful 10" subwoofer. This ported subwoofer system is designed with music and movies in mind allowing every nuance and every hard hitting effect to immerse the listener in the soundtrack. The HDT-1000 is designed to turn any living space with a flat panel TV into a true high definition home-theater system. System produces more output using less energy, doesn't require a lot of amplifier power Durable, high-quality components yield long-lasting performance Clean, modern design looks great in any room Magnetically shielded speakers.

  • 20  inserts for wall or stand mounting Dimensions (H x W x D)  
  • Satellite - 8.6 x 4 x 5.5 
  • Center Channel - 3.6 x 9 x 3.85 
  • Powered subwoofer - Dimensions (H x W x D) - 15.75 x 11.5 x 17.75 with one Driver - 10 fiber-composite cone Built-in Amplifier - Digital Hybrid; 200 watts RMS (420 watts peak) with a frequency bandwidth - 35Hz - 120Hz Level Control - Rear panel mounted potentiometer; Crossover Control - Variable, 40Hz - 120Hz  
All five speakers in this system are identical. Each magnetically shielded speaker is a bass-reflex design with a rear port for increased efficiency and mid-bass output. Inside their ABS enclosures rest dual 2.5-inch fiber composite woofers and a MicroTractrix Horn-loaded 0.75-inch aluminum dome tweeter. Finished in high-gloss black, these speakers stand 8.6-inches tall and include ¼-20 inserts for wall mount or stand attachment.

Available in a black pica vinyl finish, the subwoofer is a bass-reflex design with a front-firing slot port. It employs a 10-inch fiber composite driver and digital hybrid subwoofer amplifier, while also featuring traditional volume, crossover and phase controls.

To the right is really the main difference between the HD Theater 500 and the HD Theater 1000.  The 500 comes with an 8" subwoofer(to the right) and the 1000 has a 10".  In my opinion, the extra cost is justified when it comes to subwoofers so I would go with the 1000.  This system has a tight sound and with a good sub it will satisfy any consumer.

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