Have Plasma TVs improved over the years? How much is it costing me?

Honestly, I have every kind of TV.  Plasma, LCD, DLP...etc.  I've never questioned the fact that the Plasma TV is the biggest energy hog, its just a well known fact.  Salesman out there are still pitching them saying this.  Despite this, I really have never investigated.  I did find some interesting facts.

Take a look at this video first.  While I knew standby energy costs, I didn't realize the extent of its costs on the "big picture".

Unquestionably, plasma TV's are massive energy consumers when they're actually turned on, but how much do you think they consume when in standby mode? According to a GOOD Magazine article from earlier this year, they consume so much that you'll pay on average $159.76 annually for your plasma TV's standby energy consumption. That amount of money equates to 1452.4 kilowatt hours, roughly 5-6 times as much money as the second and third worst offenders-game consoles and computers-will cost you. 

Now this was based on a study from 2005.  It is known that energy savings has become something that hardware manufacturers have taken on and it appears they've been successful to a large extent with Plasma TVs.  In 2008, another study was done using a Pioneer Plasma and the results were drastically decreased.  In fact, using the TV for eight hours a day, at about 500 watts, it was determined to cost $170 (including the standby mode).  The study above was nearly the same amount just in standby mode.

I'm glad they got me thinking about how much power I'm using.  At about $20 a month for my beautiful HD 50" Plasma TV?  Whatever, I'll pay.  Best picture of all my TVs.  Not to mention, how will I view the quality when required?  I'll display an example of such "required" material so you understand....