Cheap/Budget Solutions Infinity TSS-800 5.1 Speaker package

Still with the theme of Home Theater creation on a limited budget I would like to introduce...

Infinity TSS-800 High Performance Speaker System

The Infinity Total Solutions TSS-800 is a complete multichannel music and home theater loudspeaker system featuring proprietary MMD™ drivers. With their compact and versatile design, the satellite speakers can be placed virtually anywhere – on shelves, or mounted on a wall using the included bracket. The center channel can easily be placed on top of, or on a shelf below, the television or wall-mounted. The powered subwoofer delivers the bass impact and excitement for your favorite music and movie soundtracks. The satellites and center channel feature aluminum enclosures.

Being a timbermatched set engineered by Infinity there is no question about the quality of the build or sound.

  • Four two-way satellites with 2-1/2" woofer and 3/4" tweeter
  • Two-way center channel with dual 3-1/2" woofers and 3/4" tweeter
  • 10 Inch 150-Watt powered sub
  • Satellites and center are magnetically shielded
  • Includes adjustable- and fixedmount wall brackets for the satellites and center channel

Heres an explaination of the technology behind the speakers:

MMD technology is engineered to be
both extremely rigid and light-weight
Metal Matrix Diaphragms™ (MMD®) for Precise Sound
A well-engineered loudspeaker should be like a window into an artist’s soul, meaning that you hear exactly what they intended without changes or alterations. Breakthrough MMD speaker technology does just that with incredibly stiff yet incredibly lightweight materials. The TSS-800’s 3-1/2" MMD midrange driver and 3/4" tweeter sandwich ceramic material on either side of an aluminum cone. This material is strong enough to hold its shape when moving rapidly, but light enough to accurately start and stop with your music or movie.

By being so strong, MMD is able to reduce distortions caused by the cone bending or flexing. This keeps your music or movie from sounding odd or unnatural. And when you compare MMD to the cone materials used in other competitive systems, you will really see MMD’s advantage. MMD is actually more than 200 times stronger than the common polypropylene cones used in competitive systems. It’s even 3 times stronger than titanium. Pair this strength with MMD’s incredibly light weight, which is actually 30% lighter than titanium, and MMD is able to deliver all the subtle details that make for an extraordinary listening experience. The TSS-800 comes equipped with a center channel speaker that has a second 3-1/2" midrange driver for clearer, richer dialogue. And when it comes to bass, Infinity’s MMD speaker material is so well engineered that they use it for the TSS-800’s 10”, 150-Watt powered subwoofer. This creates a system with deep, accurate bass that is perfectly voiced matched. Bring it all together, and you will enjoy your music and movies with the exact sounds that the musicians and moviemakers intended--and that only Infinity speaker systems can deliver.
Low-Resonance Enclosures Provide Sonic Stabilization
A poorly designed speaker enclosure can actually resonate and add its own “sound” to your music. That kind of speaker is like a guitar; a guitarist may use multiple guitars because they all resonate differently, each producing its own unique sound. While this variation is important for a classical guitarist, it isn’t good for a loudspeaker. Resonance can really change a speaker’s overall tonal balance and alter the sound of the recording that it plays.

Using a special tool called a scanning laser vibrometer, Infinity is able to pin-point the location for internal bracing on the TSS-800, ensuring the brushed aluminum enclosures are so rigid that they do not vibrate or resonate. This design philosophy also extends to the powered subwoofer enclosure. So with the TSS-800, all you hear is your music and movies--exactly the way you deserve to hear them.


All this company explanation aside, Infinity makes an excellent  I own some and they are some of the best speakers I have.  This set here, the Infinity TSS-800CHR will prove extremely appealing to those with a limited budget and limited space.  Their size allows you to place them wherever you require.  The system comes with a complete speaker setup.   Four TSS-800 satellite speakers, one TSS-800 center speaker, one TSS-800 subwoofer, brackets for all five speakers, and tabletop stands for all five speakers.

The main reason I looked at this product is because it originally retailed at over $800.  Now? under $300.  Awesome deal if you're looking for a reasonably priced, space saving, solid solution.