Battlefield 3 Update 8.22.2011 Multiplayer game footage

People want to see the large-scale maps of Battlefield 3. Here's a new trailer, featuring one of the 64-player vehicle warfare maps from Battlefield 3: Caspian Border. 64 players? Yep. Dogtags? As evidenced by the poor chump who got knifed, yup. Those are accounted for. Vehicles? Tanks, APCs and helicopters can fit that bill, right? Jets? Oh, you’d best believe there’s a dog fight going on. Check this $hit out! (For all other footage and trailers, check the menu under "Movies n Games")

I saw a comment of a viewer of this video that I got a chuckle from.......he claimed "I found this easy to masturbate to."

All they need to add is ...............................

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