Batman Dark Knight Rises Updates 8.8.2011

It appears there is no lack of people out there waiting on the June 2012 release of one of Batman The Dark Knight Rises which is showing a crazy fight sequence between Batman and Bane on the streets of Pittsburgh.

There are tons of these videos pouring in so I'll keep you updated as I come across them, be forewarned, I suppose you could consider some of this material as spoilers!

Here’s a video showing them preparing for this epic fight scene with some basic choreography going on:

And here is the actual fight scene they were preparing for.

An explosion at the Blackgate Penitentiary:

Bane Standing on top of Tumber!

I rarely have high hopes for any movies but this one I'm pretty sure will give you some solid entertainment for your money.

I had to display my favorite Cover from the original Dark Night Series (Comic Book, #2) released April 1986.

Oh ya, I also noticed, it's summer :)