Avengers update 8.18.2011 - Villains n HD Trailers

OK so I am a sucker for awesome effects and comic book movies when they are done right.  Unfortunately with the stuff that has come out, a lot of the time I'm pessimistic as to the outcome of a movie like The Avengers.  With such epic stories behind the Avengers and the effects required, its a difficult job.  No matter what, when the time comes, Blu-rays and Home Theaters will blast this one out guaranteed.

 The trailers and the cash dropped on this movie ($150,000,000 estimated budget) Have really changed my opinion and I am totally Psyched.  Guaranteed, this movie will destroy my home theater when Blu-rays' are released but I'll be in the theater May 4, 2012 to watch it.

I've included some trailers, the only ones available to date for your viewing pleasure but if you want to learn more about the cast, characters, villains and any previously released news, information take a look at past updates....

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The one thing that is undetermined is the Bad Guys, there has been rumors of the Skrulls, Thanos, Galactus.......All would make awesome movies and really they are all villains that would require the team of superheroes to defeat.

Galactus "Devourer of Worlds"

Now I would love Galactus pulled out in this movie but realistically?  Galactus is way too much of a pimp.  These guys would need more $$Paper$$ in the budget to do him effectively and guaranteed, they would have to turn him into a Ho for him to loose.

After Thor I noticed that there is one Villain that is cast in this movie, Loki.  I'm inclined to believe he may be the villain in this flick.  Thing is, this movie would suck if Thor kicked his ass and then the "Avengers" had to kick his ass again.  Rumor is that with the Cosmic Cube that he had in the end of Thor he will bring the Skrull through.....

The Skrulls are an extraterrestrial humanoid race who have created a vast interstellar empire, the oldest known empire still in existence, within the Andromeda Galaxy. They've mastered space travel and as a result of genetic engineering most Skrulls also have the ability to shapeshift into other beings and objects.  The shapeshifting abilities make these guys likely because then they can take the place of members of the Avengers causing trouble throughout the movie.


Now this is much more feasible than taking on bad asses like Thanos or Galactus because if
they were to take on bad guys like these?  The movie would be way to good and a better sequel would be impossible.

Anyways, enough of my opinion....Back to the trailers I mentioned.

Heres the teaser trailer that followed Captain America:

Who knows.  Maybe these guys will throw a wrench in everyone's assumptions and just make the enemies a team of bad ass broads who are ready to rub you down if you don't do as your told....

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