Mortal Kombat Legacy Final Epidsode! Cyrax & Sektor

So finally, the much anticipated and log awaited final episode for those of you who have been waiting. The Release of the Final episode of the Mortal Kombat Legacy series is here. If you haven't watched the previous episodes? View the rest of the Mortal Kombat Legacy Series here in HD

All episodes you'll find on here are Uncensored, Un-edited, Full HD streams.

The ninth and last episode of the exciting Mortal Kombat: Legacy series centers around the Lin Kuei's desire to transform all of its clan members into supreme Cyborg-assassins of great technology with Shane Warren Jones (Cyrax) and Peter Shinkoda (Sektor) becoming the first candidates for automation.

As previously confirmed in our Exclusive Interview with Shane W. Jones, the episode also features the surprising appearance of the Lin Kuei assassin, Hydro, a character that was created for the Mortal Kombat (Blood & Thunder) Malibu Comic Book series back in 1993.

There has been talk of a second season but if you ask me?  They need to do this properly.  It seems much to incomplete for it to have lasting quality (unless there are 100 episodes.......)
Anyways, I don't know what your impressions were but I'll say that it sucks this is over.  Hopefully someone decides to budget this guy to complete the series properly.  It sure got my whistle wet.  I could see this thing getting good.

Again, take a look here if you wish to View the rest of the Mortal Kombat Legacy Series in HD