Cheap solutions Philips HTS3371D/F7 Home Theater in a Box

Now before any readers get the wrong idea....I must make it absolutely clear to avoid any unnecessary ambiguity.  I would not choose this system as a top pick under any circumstance.  After taking a look out there and seeing the mass demand for these "substandard" or  "less than awesome" audio products I thought that maybe I should take a look at some seeing as people may not be as anal as I am looking for sound like in the movie theater. 

Before I begin you may want to consider the reasons I make such a statement as above.  Take a look in the menu under "What you need to know", you'll find information on false power ratings, specifications and substandard hardware throughout several posts.  These are the reasons why I generally overlook cheap hardware.  However, it's not impossible to find cheap "quality" hardware.

Lets start here. 

Philips HTS3371D/F7 DVD Home Theater with 1080P HDmi Upconversion

The main reason I'm reviewing this product is due to its popularity.  It appears the Philips HTS3371D/F7 has been a Bestseller amongst HTIB (Home theater in a boxes) on Amazon and as a result I had to take a look. 

Philips Pitches the product as "The Philips HTS3371/F7, an affordable DVD home theater system from Philips that gives you a complete movie experience in your living room. The system comprises of a DVD player/receiver, iPod dock, subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers."

The HDMI output has 1080p upscaling for a true HD image.  The included iPod dock makes enjoying your music library as simple as possible, and there is a high speed USB 2.0 port for even more connectivity.  This unit also features EasyLink for easy contol of other supported devices through the HDMI port.

Key Features:

  • 1080p HDMI upscales to high definition
  • Dock for iPod compatibility; FM tuner bands
  • Video- audio- still picture playback

  • Digital Audio (Coaxial x1)
  • Auxillary in
Front Panel:
  • Hi-speed USB Link for media from USB flash drives
  • Microphone in
  • Composite x1
  • Component x1
  • HDMIx1
  • EasyLink for control of connected devices via HDMI CEC
This product is an excellent product for a quick cheap fix.  The included iPod Dock makes it a quick audio solution for those looking and the hdmi compatibility and upscaling makes watching your old dvd collection much more enjoyable.

I can only recommend this product if you're looking for a simple, cheap and easy surround sound solution.  More than that.  Understand. You cannot upgrade this system.  If your intentions are to aquire a high quality audio/video system at any point? This is not it.  At best its a temporary solution to hold you over.

At the price, (just over $100) I can understand its popularity and really.....you can't complain.  Well, she might but you can't.