Cheap Solutions HTIB COBY DVD765

You looking to get surround sound but have no cash?

Many out there just have no intention of engineering their own home theater and as a result the mass of people out there probably just say screw it and go get a Home Theater in a Box (HTIB).  Without understanding what really goes behind the creation and reproduction of audio and video within your home then the next option is to do just that.  Which is, get a home theater in a box where someone else should have done the work for you.  

Realistically, money can be the only barrier between dinky system and MegaBlast so why don't we start at the absolute bottom.

Honestly, I have seen cheaper ones but if you're going to just get something to pass the time.  Please don't go cheaper than this. Please.........the results could be devastating.

Colby DVD 765 5.1 Surround System

The major benefit of a system of this type (besides the crazy low price) is the easy setup with the "all in one factor".  Now just so you have all the information, before you do this.  Think..and ask yourself a few questions. "Will I ever want to upgrade this?", "Will I ever move or put this in a bigger space requiring bigger speakers?", "Do I care what it sounds like?".
If the answer is no to all these questions. Then don't waste your time trying to aquire quality, just shop for price.  A quick search led me to this product which you can find for cheap. (Colby DVD 765 5.1 system).

Now before I say anything else about this stereo system, let me be clear.  The only circumstance where I would recommend such a system is if you have no way to spend more.  I'm not going to mention specifications on this system because if you're buying it you don't care or it shouldn't matter.

Really the only people who can benefit from such a system are those who don't use and don't plan on using digital media besides CD's and DVD's.

With that being said, people can only pay what they can and as a result maybe this is the best option for some.

Some Specifications:
  • 5.1-channel progressive scan DVD player, compact and slim design, DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, and JPEG compatible, Dolby digital decoder
  • 5.1-channel audio for surround sound systems, digital and analog AV outputs for home theater use, NTSC/PAL compatible, convenient front panel
  • Picture zoom function, parental lock control, AC 100-240V automatic power switching
  • 5.1-channel surround sound system with 300W total output
  • 5 full-range satellite speakers, subwoofer with tuned port for deep bass response

In the end of the day, this is another temp system or a system for a quick fix.  Under no circumstance would I recommend using this as your main system unless it is entirely because you can afford nothing else.  In that case, enjoy.

    If you're in the market for a surround sound system and you would like to purchase something with a little more juice (and spend a little more) take a look through the "HOMETHEATERBOX" section in the menu.  There are several affordable quality solutions.