Cheap Solutions HDTV : Panasonic Viera Plasma

Now with the theme of cheap home theater solutions in mind, lets look at Televisions.  If you need more information on the subject take a look in the menu under "What you need to know".  You can find comparisons on the differences between Plasma, OLED, LED and LCD televisions and the benefits and disadvantages of each.  You can also find screen size and placement information as well as many other things if you're interested.

In the end of the day, Plasmas don't have any of the problems that LCDs try to overcome with various technologies, and they have no off-axis picture degradation that all LCDs suffer from to one degree or another. This is why I prefer plasma over any type of LCD as long as you can deal with plasma's reflective screen.

This being said.  In my opinion, the Panasonic Viera series is the most solid for technology and price these days.  What we have here is the cheapest TV in that series.

Panasonic TC-P42S30 Plasma 1080p HDTV

This TV is amazing for the price.  It has all the features you'll require to ensure current technologies including WI-FI Ready and ARC Capabilities.

Here are some of the vital features:

600Hz Sub-field Drive: 600Hz technology lets you view superb full-HD motion and still images with 1080 lines of resolution. For even greater clarity with motion images, Panasonic uses its own unique image-analysis technology, which converts the motion in each scene into data. And each frame is practically displayed for a shorter length of time than in previous systems, to reduce after effects.

VIERA Image Viewer: View full-HD images with the integrated SD card slot, enabling you to view JPEG photos captured from your digital camera or camcorder on the big screen. Navigate your images via an easy-to-use thumbnail display.

Heres some more of the features Panasonic is pitching in this product.

Deep Color
VIERA faithfully reproduces all the colors inherent in today's most advanced image sources, such as Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. Use an HDMI cable to connect VIERA to the playback device, and you'll enjoy the kind of rich, vibrant colors that make viewing such a pleasurable experience
Long Panel Life, Up to 100,000 Hours
One important way consumers can protect the environment is by choosing high-quality products and taking care of them so they last for a long time. A high-quality VIERA HDTV can help. Thanks to a newly designed phosphor process and rear panel process, our plasma panels last for up to 100,000 hours before the brightness decreases by half. That's more than 30 years of viewing 8 hours a day.
Mercury and Lead Free Plasma Display Panel
Panasonic is committed to making our products more friendly to the environment. In line with this commitment, all VIERA plasma display panels are free of both lead and mercury. This reduces impact on the environment years down the road when the TV is recycled or retired from use.
VIERA models with x.v.Color compatibility reproduce all of the vibrant color in images recorded by wide x.v.Color gamut compatible camcorders. These rich, vivid images are a feast for the eyes.
Simply press the VIERA Tools button on the remote control to directly access a variety of Internet services. Enjoy online music and movies with ease.

DLNA / Wi-Fi Ready
Connect a DLNA-compatible VIERA and DLNA-compatible AV equipment to your home network, and you can watch movies, listen to music, and view photos from any room in the house. VIERA's Wi-Fi capability gives you even more layout flexibility.

As you can see here, features aren't all this TV gives you.  It has all needed connectivity as well:

2 x HDMI input (19 pin HDMI Type A) - Rear,
1 x HDMI input (19 pin HDMI Type A) - Side,
1 x Composite video input (RCA phono),
2 x Audio line-in (RCA phono x 2),
1 x Component video input (RCA phono x 3),
1 x Digital audio output (optical) (TOSLINK),
Audio line-in,
2 x USB (4 pin USB Type A),
1 x Network (RJ-45)

There are countless benefits of a clear picture and this HDTV will show you what thats all about.

As you can see, there is no lack of futureproof functionality to this product and at this price? Its a steal.  This is one of the best purchases to keep cash in your pocket and get everything you'll need to handle all current technology, while maintaining a solid picture.  Being able to have DLNA compatibility is huge if you ever want to stream media with the minimal of aggrevation using newer technologies and your PC/media.  Purchasing a 1080p TV with all these features at this price is extremely difficult, so if you're considering it and you're cutting the budget close.  Quit screwing around and just buy it.You will not find a better deal unless you buy something with less features and a poor picture quality in comparison.