Battlefield 3 Updates 6.30.2011

Yes, the October 25 release date is still some time away but it appears there is a lot more to this game then I would have thought. 

I came across this video and not only is it beautiful but appropriately titled. Take a look.

The "Beauty of Battlefield 3"

From Battleblog.  An interview with Lars Gustavsson on DICE's new multiplayer philosophy in Battlefield 3 revealed some things on the new multiplayer game.

Hi Lars! What was the initial design goal you and the team set for Battlefield 3 multiplayer?-- We thought a lot about Battlefield 2 and how Battlefield 3 would relate to it. The mindset at DICE during the development of Battlefield 2 was pretty much: “Play the game our way, or play something else”. Now, we have made a conscious effort to reverse that mentality. The goal with Battlefield 3 is to offer a vast variety of gameplay experiences and to be inviting to everyone. We’re not telling you how to play the game. You choose.

How will that be apparent in Battlefield 3?-- Part of it is in the variety of game modes and the types of environments you can play in -- from the wide open battlefields that people learned to love in Battlefield 2, to the urban gritty maps with their tighter gameplay focus. Combining these two elements and adding destruction and our social Battlelog hub in the same package is something I believe no one else is capable of – and that just makes it doubly entertaining for me to deliver on!

Where did the “play our way” mentality come from and how did the change come about?-- I think it emanated from the pride in the unique game modes we created at DICE, like Conquest and Rush. We’re still super proud of them, but going into Battlefield 3 we had a frank discussion about our mindset. We discussed the strengths of Battlefield and ended up with a lot of interesting questions. Does teamplay have to be squad based, or can it be in a more general sense of playing together? Am I less of a gamer if I don’t want to play in squads? If I want Team Deathmatch? If I want infantry only gameplay? That discussion really was an eye-opener and has changed how we view ourselves and what we set out to do with Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 is going to be our best Battlefield yet. The Frostbite 2 game engine not only lets us build spectacular multiplayer maps – it also lets us populate those maps with wildly differing kinds of environments. The classic Battlefield multiplayer map would be an open type terrain, fit for tanks, helicopters, and other vehicles to take part in the action. Now, we will take the fight to dense urban environments as well, painting a stark contrast to the more open rural gameplay.

At E3 this year, we brought the Rush mode map Operation Métro for visitors to play hands-on. In many ways, this map illustrates our multiplayer design philosophy for Battlefield 3. Operation Métro starts out in a lush, rolling park outside of the Paris city center. As the attackers push forward and take out the two enemy installations, this is when a normal multiplayer mode in a normal game would end. In Battlefield 3, this is just the beginning of a much larger journey; a journey taking you through a number of distinct and varying environments, each tasking you to re-evaluate your combat tactics and loadouts on the go.

The E3 Operation Métro briefing highlighting the distinct areas of the map. Click for larger picture.
From the opening park, you need to push underground through a dark, bombed-out metro tunnel section, and then up and out onto the downtown city streets for the final confrontation in front of the Paris stock exchange. This seamless transition in the map between contrasting areas is something that makes it feel like so much more than your typical walled-in multiplayer arena. For a sense of scale, each of the different areas in Operation Métro would be large enough to house a very good Team Deathmatch experience.

I'm still waiting, October 25th is some time away still so I'll keep you updated.  In the meantime, if you haven't already you can pre-order it here(you will receive weapons and map add-ons free purchasing the limited edition here).You can see more about the expansions here.

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