Battlefield 3 in line to beat Black-OPS in pre-orders?

I'm still sitting over here waiting my fall pre-order of Battlefield 3.  I thought I would just show you a couple more things to get your whistle wet on this topic and tease you all so I'm not the only one sitting here anxious :(

Analysts have recently upped their target figures for EA's Battlefield 3 sales.  Cowen and Company had previously estimated that DICE's upcoming first person shooter would sell around 8 million copies. Apparently all that marketing and buzz generated around E3 has resonated with consumers because the analysis firm has raised their target almost 40% from 8 million copies to 11 million copies.

Heres a new trailer that was released showing us again the realism. Even in multiplayer.

So for those of you interested?  You can pre-order the limited edition (that includes ALL the add-ons) here for XBOX, PC or PS3 and if you want to see more information on Battlefield 3, take a look in the menu under "Movies N Games".

This game appears to be getting some serious marketing. MSNBC posted a video preview for Battlefield 3 this week, calling it “a new reality for gaming.” Want to take a look as MSNBC’s Todd Kenreck chats with Patrick Söderlund about the game? Take a look, I found it pretty interesting…