VIZIO XWH200 Universal Wireless HD Video & Audio kit.

 VIZIO Universal Wireless HD Video & Audio Kit

Now what we have here is an elegant (and cheap) solution to the age old issue.  How do I make all these wires invisible?

If you haven't asked yourself this question, let me clarify something for you.  This looks like crap.

What we have here is a product that makes life simple for the average joe and an audiophile who wants to avoid in wall installation costs and/or has concerns or issues with space or location of their HDTV or components.

Now Vizio it appears is the only manufacturer that creates such a product that isn't designed specifically for computers only.  You cant plug a game console into such a device without spending a lot more money.

This product works firstly by transmitting on a 60 GHz interference-free frequency so other Wi-Fi devices won’t disrupt the quality of the signal.  Next you simply plug your HDTV into the receiver unit via an HDMI cable and up to 4 HDMI compatible devices into the 4 HDMI ports of the transmitter (sender) unit.  The system will transmit all 3D and high-definition audio and video content directly to your HDTV display wirelessly.

Installation is that simple and it couldn’t be easier.  Not to mention, there is no additional software or equipment necessary – basically just plug and play!

It’s also HDCP approved so watching licensed content from cable, satellite or Blu-Ray won’t be a problem either.  The kit includes two 3ft HDMI Cables to connect your TV to the receiver and an AV device to the transmitter. It’s an ideal solution for wall-mounted HDTVs.  Cables are cleanly and safely out of sight and 3D and HD content still plays at peak performance.

Here's a visual for those of you who cant read!

Now the main concern I have with wireless products is the loss of quality but this really isn't a concern here.  This product can stream full 1080p 3D video and lossless audio so.....Because the signal goes through your home theater receiver or whatever device you may be using the audio/video quality isn't compromised. I think I'll get one.

I love this product.  It allows you to place your receiver, game consoles, whatever wherever you want(well within 30ft).  You know we need to make room for the more important things.......