Organic Harmony collection by Shape Audio - Dream Speakers

Well......maybe they are worth it.
Now they aren't the biggest but they are high quality and the highest price.

In fact, these are the most expensive speakers in the world.  That's right.  Are you looking for the most expensive speakers on earth and you're a trendsetting billionaire?
Don't worry, you'll be the talk of the town amongst all your billionaire golf buddies and all the overpriced hookers at your parties!

Organic Harmony Collections-Shape Audio

This collection of speakers is built with "cutting-edge Class D amplifiers" built in.  You can control the sound through your current network or directly by USB connection using you're preferred media program.

Organic Harmony is a beautifully shaped 1350x270 mm Omnidirectional stereo loudspeaker system with a 1000W amplifier and comes with XLR analog microphone with USB or S/Pdif & Ethernet [RJ -45] functionality as well.  To use it, you can simply connect one or more of your audio sources, such as an iPhone or CD player.

Luciano Pasquariello, creator of Shape Audio, said: “I firmly believe these will be rare collectibles with mythical references, known to connoisseurs, owned by even fewer.”

“99.95 % of all speakers are passive, which means that you at least need to add amplifiers. If you want to optimize sound quality and make it accessible for streaming media, you need a whole range of extra boxes and cables. This is not the case with the Organic Harmony,” explained Pasquariello.

 After a personal consultation, each Organic Harmony will be delivered to the client approximately six months after the finalized order. Upon delivery, Shape Audio engineers will install and fine tune it on location, while each Organic Harmony also has a lifetime warranty.(Hope so for these prices:)

There are Gold, Silver and Bronze models in the Organic Harmony CollectionAll made purely out of the precious metals :

The Bronze version.  Only 99 were manufactured.  They weigh 95 kgs each and are priced at $86,680usd per pair.

The Sterling silver version was limited to manufacturing 5 pairs.  They weigh 115 kgs each and are priced at $412,725usd per pair. It is also one of the largest solid silver objects ever made.

Now for those of you who just think the previous two models just won't do it, they developed a Gold version which is made of solid 18-carat gold, weighs 215 kg and was limited to manufacturing just one pair priced at a mere  $6,878,625.

When money is no object........

Why show any restraint? I don't know about you but I'll spend extra on the cupholder and forget cutlery.  I'll pay someone to feed me while I'm listening to my Seven Million Dollar speakers!

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