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NBS is a name that has become renowned for the quality of their connectivity solutions when it came to high-end cables needed in top-drawer, luxury applications.

The loudspeakers to be discussed are an evolution of design concepts originally explored in the NBS Siren and NBS Sarcophagus systems.
With the most expensive high quality speakers in mind, check these out.

Pyramid Subwoofers by NBS

Pyramid Jr.
 Firstly, thes pyramid subwoofer is an engineering feat in itself as the enclosure is just that.  Enclosed.  There is no opening and the engineers of this technology have reasoned that the room size, shape or any other factors resulting from room differences will have no effect on the sound produced by these subwoofers.  Seeing as a Sub-woofer is the most important factor in any home theater, this is an amazing claim I wouldn't mind putting to the test.  Enclosed subs like this generally do perform.

The woofer is a JBL 2235H, 15" unit in a sealed enclosure. Sealed systems invariably have better bass articulation than vented, or bass-reflex systems. By placing the driver close to the floor, the reflection dip which impairs the mid-bass performance of many systems is completely avoided. In our experience this is the most musically satisfying woofer we have ever heard. Because it is used near the reflecting plane of the floor, it has a practical sensitivity of 96 dB/Watt, which sets the sensitivity for the whole system.

The Fullsize Pyramid (66" tall 300 pounds) goes for $75,000
The Pyramid Jr. (a mere 48" Tall 220 pounds) goes for $45,000
The Monitor III (smallest model at 35" tall 160 pounds) goes for $25,000

NBS Eva and Butter/Fly Speaker Systems

Weighing in at 850 pounds, both models reproduce the left and right channels of a stereo signal from a single cabinet over seven feet long and two separate bass modules that stand behind the main unit. Each sealed-enclosure bass module sports a single 18-inch subwoofer firing downward into the floor, while the main cabinet houses two JBL compression-driver midranges in a 25-inch horn structure and two JBL ring-radiator, horn-loaded tweeters. The midrange drivers are located toward the center of the cabinet and fire backward and downward, while the tweeters at the far ends of the cabinet fire backward into the bass modules, which reflect their sound into the room.

EVA Speaker System

Butter/Fly Speaker System

E. V. A. & Butterfly speaker systems are the top of the line on NBS's range of products and they not giving you a discount.  

The speaker package can blast your place out for $200,000.

You'll have no problem making asses shake with this one.

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