JBL ES90BK 4-Way, Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speaker

JBL ES90BK 4-Way, Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speaker

Now Front speakers are a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating you're home theater.  Woofer size can have a drastic impact in the sound that your front end creates.

This is really why satellite speakers are a substandard choice in my opinion.  Really if you're woofers in the speakers are puny, your speakers cannot create deeper sounds and the variance of frequency response is very limited.  This being said, heres a choice that I highly recommend as I have always been a solid JBL Fan.

JBL has been around as a reputible audio product manufacturer for several years.  As long as I can remember, Movie Theaters all use JBL speakers.
If you're more interested in bookshelves check these
  • JBL ES Series Bookshelf Speakers

  • This is the JBL ES90BK Here are some of the features:

    • Utilizes UHF drivers capable of 40kHz for excellent highs.
    • A JBL computer-optimized bass-reflex port provides deeper bass and less turbulence.
    • These speakers are designed to look good anywhere with a style that equals their substance.
    • The JBL ES Series uses cellulose-fiber cones reinforced with a ploymer coating for uniform pistonic motion
    Manufacturer description:

    The JBL ES90 is a floor standing 3-way loud speaker which utilizes dual 8″ woofers for that high powered bass which is necessary for a great home theater experience. These speakers come in both cherry and black and are sold in singles so you need two for your system. JBL is a leader in both home and professional speaker systems and they utilize their great experience to make these speakers the best available. You will enjoy these speakers for both home theater and listening to you favorite CD. They give outstanding bass as well as excellent highs.

    Honestly, due to previous experience with JBL.  I would say at the price they are selling at here I wouldn't even question choosing these for a front end of a surround system or for just audio.  The specifications speak for themselves :

    • Frequency Response Bandwidth 36 - 40000 Hz
    • Recommended Amplifier Power 225 Watt
    • Sensitivity 91 dB 
    • Max (RMS) Output Power 440W
    • Speakers Included Speaker - 3-way - 36 - 40000 Hz - 8 Ohm - Floor-standing - Wired
    • Driver Details Speaker : 2 x Woofer driver - 200 mm - PolyPlas,
      Speaker : 1 x Tweeter driver - 19 mm - Titanium laminate - Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS),
      Speaker : 1 x Super tweeter driver - 19 mm - Polyester - Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) 
     So these speakers are designed for accurate sound recreation.  When you're choosing speakers you must consider the positioning.  It may be possible you have limited space and bookshelves or satellite speakers are your only option.  If you have the space on the other hand and you want floorstanding towers.  Here you are.  Ideally I would place them as front right and left and rear right and left in a surround sound system.  AB and DE in the diagram seen here.Honestly, at this price you won't find a better speaker. 

  • You can more detailed information on speaker placement here.

  • Well I guess ideally I would put this woman in a position not noted on the diagram.