Green Lantern - Updates 6.4.2011 HD Trailer #3

So the release date is fast approaching on this one but it appears many are hating the CG factor overrunning the movie.  With the summer looking packed with mad new movies, I'm sure haters out there won't have a problem finding something to view.

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Well I maintain, Ryan Reynolds is a substandard actor who cannot pull this off.   I totally believe this movies effects, audio and video will make a home theater classic that will be a required purchase as a Blu-ray in the future. Hopefully that and the nearly $200 million dollar budget outweighs Reynolds clearly lacking talent.  Maybe I've talked to much trash about this guy so I'll give him a chance and I'll leave it at that.
I've included Trailer #3 below and some fan art.

Maybe Reynolds crap performance will get all the Lanterns killed bringing the rise of the Black Lanterns?

on the other hand maybe even better.........

Maybe Reynolds was chosen to play this role with a plan to create a sequel where some crazy Red Lantern dudes start coming out bringing the blood and gore this movie should have and providing Reynolds will the swift and solid beating he deserves  :)

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