Evolution Acoustics MM3 - Dream Speakers Galore

For all you guys out there looking to blast off?  Heres an awesome way to just pound music.  Evolution Acoustics is one audio manufacturer who produces only high end audio equipment.
Evolution Acoustics MM3

Loudspeaker manufacturer, Evolution Acoustics flagship reference speaker system dubbed the MM3. The MM3 is a sexy, 2-channel system composed of 3-way speakers and a 1,000 watt amplifier.

This power is pumped through dual 15" treated paper woofers, two 7" ceramic midranges, and a 5" aluminum ribbon tweeter per side. Of course these drivers do make the MM3 a bit of a fatty, the 74"x18"x30" cabinet with 2" baffle weighs in at a hefty 525lbs. However, this driver setup also gives the MMthree a ridiculous frequency response of 10-40,000Hz.

Once the internal parts were selected and the crossover was designed, the next step was finalizing a cabinet to hold these parts. Creating an inert container for the internal parts was of the utmost importance. Also, we wanted the Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers to look as good as they sounded. These priorities led us to listening to different materials and ultimately choosing Baltic Birch wood. We chose not to build the conventional six sided box. The shape and size of the cabinet had to be dictated by the size and shapes of the drivers. Working under these guidelines, we heard a soundstage that amazed us. It was huge and realistic and the loudspeakers sonically disappeared.

Each channel of the MMThree contains over one thousand sections of computer routed Baltic Birch wood that are stacked and then laminated together with a six ton press. We did not want to use veneers, or skins, as most companies choose to do. The end grain of the wood was so beautiful the decision was made to finely sand the cabinets and finish them with a violin stain similar to fine musical instruments. The process is very tedious and entails many steps. It is truly an art form.

Internally the cabinets are quite special as well. Most loudspeaker manufacturers use wool or some man made material to attempt to dampen the internal chambers of their loudspeakers. At Evolution Acoustics we recognized that much more needed to be done. The idea was to create an anechoic chamber inside our cabinets that would greatly reduce or eliminate internal standing waves. This is done by creating random irregular shapes visible only from the inside of the loudspeaker. The thickness of each slice or section also plays a role in creating a more rigid and less resonant cabinet. The cabinet randomly varies in thickness from a minimum of three inches to a maximum of six inches. No expense was spared on the interior or exterior of the Evolution Acoustics loudspeakers.

Who needs furniture?

The MM3 runs for about $70,000-$100,000 a pair and they're shipped as 1887 pounds of freight!  Bigger is Better!

Make sure you don't piss off all your buddies when you're getting these delivered, you'll need them to help you set this up!