Cowboys and Aliens Updates 6.27.2011

 Cowboys and Aliens

This looks like another good blu-Ray release(once its done with the theater of course).  Lots of explosions and technology with video and audio to blast out your system.  It remains to be seen if the storyline will hold up but....the updates will continue.

Here's an inside look of a featurette trailer for those of you who are interested.

The Synopsis?

Jake Lonergan awakes in Arizona in 1873, to find himself devoid of any memories about his past life and a mysterious manacle around his wrists. Upon entering the town of absolution, he learns that he is an infamous criminal, who is most wanted by many people including the iron fist ruler of the town Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde.

So far, it’s good. This real action comes when unknown forces attack this town laying down anyone who crosses their paths. Now that he town faces a greater danger, Jake realizes that the key to defeating these forces lies in his manacles and he must work in accordance with Colonel Woodrow and the townspeople together to defeat these forces.

From this picture I can tell this guy is a champ already.

Now I could think of a couple more casting options they may have considered like this chick but........
For more on the movie and cast take a look here