ASUS WiCast EW2000 Wireless HDMI Kit

With the elimination of inconvenient and ugly wires consuming your space around your home theater.  As well as convenience, here we have another Wireless HD Audio Video device that can allow you to avoid the need to connect a Blu-ray player, game consoles Media center PCs, Laptop or computer directly into your televsion, allowing you the convenience of placing them where you like without the restriction of the appearance of wires or the distance from the TV(well, somewhat). 

ASUS WiCast EW2000 Wireless HDMI Kit

ASUS WiCast transforms your PC into a wireless media center. Using the latest Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) Technology, easily connect, stream, and enjoy picture-perfect Full HD visuals and high-quality audio streaming from your HD Devices to a compatible HDTV or other external display. Setup is streamlined so you can power the WiCast transmitter with just your PC's USB ports. Its small, compact design makes it a nice fit to any home or meeting room environment. And with up to 3Gb/s transfer rate, ASUS WiCast can stream any content with up to Full HD quality, less than 1 ms latency, and up to 8 channel audio playback.

With the general populations' media libraries growing at such a drastic rate, this is an invaluable resource that is more simple to setup and use than your microwave oven :)

Some vital features Asus points out:

Latency Free
WiCast supports latency free (less than 1ms) transmission, providing users with fluid and stutter-free playback of HD content. Low latency prevents “lip-sync” issues and enables smooth delivery of HD content.

USB Powered
WiCast is USB powered, so there is no need for an extra adapter. Users simply plug the device into the HDMI port for a signal and two USB ports for power. This feature allows users to avoid the hassle of messy wires.

Omni-Directional Broadcast
WiCast supports a range of up to 33 feet, and WHDI transmission is not limited by directionality or line of sight. These features provide users in the education or business sector with more flexibility and convenience when connecting notebooks wirelessly with a projector to display presentations.

Small Package
At just over 4” long (both the transmitter and the receiver), WiCast is small enough to virtually disappear behind a notebook or on top of a projector, eliminating clutter.  It is lightweight at a mere 0.242 lbs. (transmitter) and 0.352 lbs. (receiver), making is easy to install. 

Now for those who can't read, maybe this will provide a closer visual ;)

This device is a godsend to those with technology knowledge and to those without.  Who cant benefit from keeping their devices out of sight.  With full 1080p Video and Lossless audio transmission, this is a solid product that can be a welcome edition to any home with any HDMI device.  Just think about it.  Wouldn't you prefer to have your Blu-Ray player or you PS3 on the shelf next to you, where you can remove and put in discs without getting up?  Wouldn't you prefer to have your Media center PC or just your PC in the closet with a wireless keyboard (which you would have to get separately) on your lap to play PC games or just surf the net? Click here for the perfect(wireless keyboard/mouse solution)

With the ability to just put devices wherever you want(even out of the room) the whole concept of making things attractive and appealing by in wall installs doesnt have to be the only answer.  Really, the solution isn't even an expensive one anymore.  If you would like to see the product a competitor provides, it's pretty much the same product (it has 4 HDMI ports though)....click here @ Tech n Tings : XWH200 Universal Wireless HD AV Kit