VIZIO VSB200 HD Sound Bar

Now it's understood there are many who have limited space out there and a full size surround system just isn't feasible or practical.  I was asked about this product and as a result I took a look.

VIZIO VSB200 HD Sound Bar

This product is an extremely cheap solution for improving your flat panel TV audio. I really think that any Television on the market has poor audio capabilities.  With that being said if you watch movies or television on your TV it is a waste of money to use an HDTV is the only audio you're going to use is the TV speakers.

Here is the description Vizio provides:

Product Overview Designed for home theater enthusiasts, this Sound Bar includes cutting edge sound technologies such as SRS TruSurroundHD for an enveloping sound experience and features such as four 3-Inch high efficiency hand built mid/bass transducers and two ¾-Inch high performance aluminum dome neodymium tweeters. The VSB200 is the perfect edition to your home theater and will give you the HD sound experience you’ve always desired. VIZIO - Where Vision Meets Value! Additional Features Include: High-Performance 32-Bit 150MHz DSP Audio Engine, Impressive Sound Pressure Level measuring 98dB SPL max @ 1M, Advanced 24-Bit Linear PCM to PWM Engine with integrated thermal, over-current, over voltage, over current protection, Latest Virtualization & Volume Leveling Technology from SRS Labs, SRS TruSurround HD virtual surround, SRS TruVolume eliminates undesirable loud commercials and channel to channel variances SPEAKER BAR DIMENSIONS ,Length: 39-5/8-Inch,Depth 4.26-Inch deep,Height: 4.67-Inch with stand, 3.69-Inch without stand.


- Speaker Features: Volume Leveling, Enhanced Surround Sound Technology
- Sensitivity: 100dB
- Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
- Peak Power Handling: 60 Watts
- Wired Connectivity: Optical, Stereo, RCA
- Speaker Enclosure Type: Self-Enclosed
- Tweeters: 2
- Tweeter Speaker Size: 0.75 "
- Tweeter Type: Aluminum Dome
- Midranges: 4
- Midrange Speaker Size: 3.0 "
- A/V Equipment Compatibility: Home Stereo, TV, Gaming Equipment, MP3 Players
- Includes: Audio Cable, Remote Control
- Material: Plastic

As you can  see, this product is a get what you pay for product if you ask me and the only way I might consider recommending this product is if you are just trying to get better sound then your TV speakers and you could care less about surround sound.

If you ask me HD is a gimmick with many products.  This is a prime example.  Vizio boasts the built in receiver supports SRS TruSurroundHD.  Great! So does your old crap computer from the end of the world in 2000.  It doesnt support TrueHD, DTS HD or any thing else.  In its defense, it does support lossless PCM audio and you can connect digital audio using an optical cable. 

As you can see setup is simple as you take an optical cable or RCAs from your TV and plug it in and your done.

Its control is basic with Now I have to say is I would not recommend this product if you're looking for any form of quality surround sound.  This product if you ask me if for an individual or family that just wants to increase the audio volume or sound from what their TV produces and is not attempting to make a home theater or accurate reproduction of TV or Movie audio.  If you're budget is non-existent is another motivation that could justify the purchase of this product.