Sony in big trouble?

OK so everyone has heard of the Playstation Network getting hacked.  If you haven't well... it got hacked.

While the network is functioning again, Credit card and vital personal information was stolen. Including credit card details and user passwords and who knows what else.

Genius Hackers

Now I have to question Sony's security and the value they put behind it and their paying customers.  A friend reported to me today that his personal information was used to open a
bank account and he started receiving e-mails asking for PIN verification etc.  This got me paranoid.  First thing I did was changed all my passwords regardless if they are the same or associated with my PSN account.  I would recommend all of you do the same.

Really, do you want some genius hackers like these to have access to all your vital information?

Unscrupulous hacker working out some things
"The Hacker News is documenting a couple of vulnerable Web pages on SonyMusic.co.jp that allowed hackers to access their contents through SQL injection".  I've noticed Sony not only has had their security comprimised with the PSN but from the looks of it, on several fronts.

A Sony site in Greece was reportedly hacked in early May. Hackers also managed to infiltrate Sony's subsidiary ISP, So-net Entertainment Corp., and make off with around $1,225 in redeemable gift points; another hack launched a phishing site on one of Sony's servers. Not to mention that massive hack that took down the PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment.  These Hackers....Absolutely unscrupulous....

Sony said Monday that the effects of the Japan earthquake and tax provisions will drag the company into a $3.18 billion loss for its 2011 fiscal year. Costs from the PlayStation Network hack are expected to total $171 million, the company said.   

Dont forget, "Watch your back"

I don't know about anyone out there but my dealings with Sony will change.  These changes include using fake personal information and PSN Network prepaid cards.  If these guys can't even say sorry in an e-mail and compensate me for allowing all my personal information that they were storing in their database be compromised then they can......(well use your creativity to fill in an insult, my words may be a little distasteful for some readers).  

End of the day. Actions speak louder than words and they've done nothing to earn my trust.  No security no compensation...... They could at least tell me to watch my back.  Not that it would have made any difference.  I can't take my eyes of her back.
(Its the thought that counts!)

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