Marantz SR-7005 Home Theater Receiver

Marantz SR-7005
At the top of the SR Series, the Flagship model the Marantz SR-7005.  I look at this receiver and it is a monster.  I love it.  Not only does it have all the features as the two lower models and many more features, but it also has more power, outputting 125Wx7 channels.  Its also one of if not the best looking receiver I've seen in years.

Product Specifications
  • Six HDMI1.4a inputs and 2 HDMIv1.4a outputs for digital audio and video including Deep Colour support
  • High grade components. HDAMs and oversized low impedance transformer
  • Multiroom video on component video to one room with multiroom audio to two rooms
  • USB input for music playback with iPhone/iPod and USB memory
  • Bluetooth capability with option RX10
  • Network functionality including the ability to stream Internet radio, vTuner, Napster, Last.FM
  • Network player function for music/photo streaming, Compatible with Windows7 and with DNLA1.5 support
  • IP control or control using Apple iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad with appropriate app
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Dyamic EQ, DSX and MultEQ XT room accoustic calibration
  • power output: 125W/channel
iPod/iPhone, USB and Bluetooth support.
Connect your iPod, iPhone, or USB Hard Disc Drive to the convenient, front panel USB jack, and iPad owners appreciate the optional RX101 Bluetooth receiver and M-XPort for easy, wireless access to their favorite music.

Marantz has a proprietory technology called M-DAX which makes Compressed Audio Sound Better.  Exclusive M-DAX processing restores the high frequency content often missing in compressed music files. The 3-position selector lets you choose just the right amount of processing to restore the often-missing high frequency content without adding distracting edginess.

HDMI 1.4a for 3D and Return Channel
The SR6005’s six (6) HDMI 1.4a inputs handle even the most comprehensive system effortlessly. With Audio Return Channel, you don’t need a separate TV-to-receiver audio cable to enjoy room filling sound from a game console or streaming video source. Pass Through in standby mode, makes it simple to engage the audio system in the display for those times when you do not wish to engage the all the loudspeakers.
Its upconversion processing is done by an Anchor Bay processor that can process analog and digital signals.
The on-screen display’s graphical user interface (GUI) now appears via HDMI for easy display on your main system screen. And you can adjust the volume indicator’s location for minimal interference with the picture.

Built in HD Radio with Sirius Option
The Sirius-ready tuner give you the best of satellite radio. And each of those 56 presets will store a Sirius channel in memory so you don’t have to look as a program guide to get maximum enjoyment. There are 56 presets, too (seven groups of 8 frequencies each) so you can store all your favorites for easy listening.

With the added RJ45 Ethernet Network functionality, the extra power, the added calibration technology, the internet radio compatibility, added multi-room and multiple output Video capabilities.  


If you never want to buy or even think about needing a main receiver for some time?  This is it.  Guaranteed futureproof product here. This one is guaranteed to be worth the money.  You can sit back and enjoy whats really important once you've installed this.